The Lasmine Ship Has Sailed

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(Date outfit^^)

Jasmine's POV

I anxiously tapped my fingers on my desk as I watched the clock. School was about to end and I had my date with Luke immediately after.

We didn't have the same last class so we were gonna meet afterwards. Jessie is allowing us to stay out until 8:30, which surprised me but she knows how much this means to the both of us.

I was already wearing my outfit for our date. Since is was a casual, I didn't dress up that much. Just have a cute top and ripped jeans, along with my hair in ponytail with a bow.

My teacher was talking nonsense and I wasn't listening, because I didn't care. I just wanted class to end.


Class ended and we all shot up, packing up to leave. I packed up my stuff and headed out of the room to meet Luke outside. I was so excited about this, this is mine and Luke's first date and definitely wouldn't be our last.

I mean, I hope it's not our only date.

I walked out of the school and I spotted Luke talking to one of his friends.

I didn't have to say anything because Luke saw me and walked away from his friend and over to me.

"Hey, Luke." I greeted and we hugged.

"Hey, Jazzy." He says as we pull away and he seemed nervous. "Are you ready?"

I nod. "Yes. Are you okay?"

He nods and I could see the nervousness all over his face. "Yeah! Why? Do I not seem okay? Is something wrong with me? I can go fix it if-"

I kissed his cheek and he shut up. "Luke, I was just asking because you seem a little nervous?"

Luke averts his eyes and shrugs. "Well, I am nervous. I don't want to mess this up."

"You won't mess this up. This isn't a fancy date, it's a casual and fun date." I tell him and intertwine our fingers together. "Just be yourself, like always."

Luke's mouth forms into a smile. "Alright. Thanks Jazzy."

I smile and we make our way to the arcade together.


"Dude, how are you so good at this?" Luke asks and I smirk as I completely crush him at these shooter games.

We've been here for forty-five minutes and I've destroyed Luke at all the games here.

"Because I'm awesome." I chuckle and I saw Luke stick his tongue out at me.

"Well, I'm more awesome." Luke challenges and I scoff.

"We'll see about that." I tell him.

The game continued and it didn't take long for me to win.

"Haha!" I laugh and Luke gaps at the screen, lowering his gun. "I win!"

"My gun was malfunctioning." Luke says and I laugh, putting the gun back in the slot.

"That's what sore losers say." I tell him and Luke rolls his eyes putting his gun back.

"Whatever." Luke spots something and I look in the same direction. "Alright, this game I will definitely win."

Luke grabs my hand and pulls me over to the basketball hop.

"What makes you think you'll win?" I ask him as he puts the tokens in and the balls rolled in.

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