Panic Attack Room

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Jasmine's POV

It's been a few days since Luke and I started dating. Jessie was happy, Zuri was confused on how I find Luke appealing, Ravi was also happy, and Emma is already planning out wedding.

Our ship name is Lasmine. Don't ask me, Emma came up with it.

Luke has been extremely happy since we started to date and that has made me very happy. He makes me happy.

I don't know how Morgan and Christina feel about me dating their son, but I'll find out when they come home at some point.

Anyway, I was with Ravi and he was upset with Luke. This is normal, so I didn't bother questioning. Apparently, Luke told the whole school about Ravi's crush on Kylie Nicholson and I found it funny that Ravi trusted Luke to keep that a secret. Luke is not good at keeping secrets, unless it's about me.

I was the first one Ravi came to when he heard about this, because I'm Luke's girlfriend and I can set him straight.

"Okay, Ravi." I stopped him as we approached the terrace. "You need to approach Luke in a calm manner."

He nods before stepping over a red velvet rope. "Luke! Prepare for a thrashing!"

"Yes, that was perfect." I sarcastically say, before following Luke onto the terrace and I saw Stuart and Zuri playing a boardgame.

Luke looks up from his video game with confusion.

"Ugh! With these two nitwits and Jasmine, I can't concentrate on the game." Zuri complains and I felt happy to not be involved with the nitwits known as Luke and Ravi.

Kidding. Sort of.

"Oh, honey, you roll dice and move the game piece a corresponding amount of spaces." Stuart tells her s he stands up. "It doesn't require a lot of concentration."

"And yet, I'm walking away." Zuri remarks before leaving the terrace.

"What do you Neanderthals not understand about a red velvet rope?!" Stuart snaps at us, before dragging at the rope.

"Luke, the whole school is talking about my crush on Kylie Nicholson." Ravi tells Luke. "I told you that in confidence!"

"I didn't tell anybody!" Luke swears and I look at him. He sees my face and continues. "Well, except Dave, and Eric and Gossip Gary. Who knew it would get out?"

I roll my eyes at him and Ravi wanted to explode.

"Ugh! You have ruined my life!" Ravi cries before snarling at Luke. "And I will have my revenge! I will tell the entire school about your embarrassing habit of..." Luke folded his arms waiting for Ravi to continue. "You know, how you... "

Weirdly enough, Luke doesn't have any embarrassing things about him. Besides, the many shirts he's stolen from my room, which is strange because the girl usually does that.

I'm questioning Luke's gender right now. Am I a lesbian?

I'm gonna stop before I lose my mind.

"You got nothing. My life is an open book." Luke sighs with a grin. "Which is ironic, since I don't like to open books."

Ravi facepalms as Luke returns to his game.



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