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THE EVE OF NEW YEARS HAD COME BY QUICKER THAN STEVE HAD ANTICIPATED. It felt like it was only yesterday when Kate confronted him about Wanda and confessing his feelings. After he had told Dustin and the rest of the group of his plan, he could tell that nobody was going let him miss his opportunity of kissing the girl that everyone cared for.

However he knew that his funeral was going to be planned in 1985 due to two overprotective people: Martha Maximoff and Clinton Francis Barton. Martha's overprotectiveness was understandable, she's Wanda's Mother. But Clint's seemed a little odd. Perhaps it was because Wanda was Kate's best friend. Or maybe it was because Wanda seemed to rely on him because of his Father-like personality.

Steve never understood why Clint truly was overprotective.

It was 3pm and he sat down in Mike Wheeler's basement surrounded by a bunch of teenagers discussing how he should act upon kissing Wanda.

"So you'll like sit next to her and the count down will start and you'll lean in and when everyone yells at one you grab her waist and kiss her." Dustin suggested.

Max looked at him weirdly. "You don't grab her waist dipshit. Grab her hand and pull her to towards you."

Eleven sat awkwardly on a chair listening to the chat. "Why are you kissing her at 12? Why not 10 or 7?" She was absolutely clueless listening to the chat.

Mike stared at his girlfriend, sighing deeply. "Because at 12, a new year begins so if Steve kisses Wanda at midnight, that'll be the first thing she did in 1985."

"Okay, that's not confusing at all..." Eleven muttered quietly to herself. 

Suddenly the basement door freaked open making the whole group internally (and externally) freak out thinking Wanda was walking down the stairs. Only to their surprise they saw Nancy Wheeler.

"Mike what exactly are you doing?" She asked. "You know mom wants you to socialise somewhere elsewhere, right?" She stared around and saw Steve Harrington and all the kids awkwardly wave at her. "And why is he of all people here?" She questioned referring to her ex.

"Well he needs help with kissing the girl he likes." Mike simply replied.

"Wanda?" Nancy smirked, knowing Steve fancied the Sokovian girl. His eyes widened and a slight blush coating his face. "That's cute."

"Well anyways we're trying to help him kiss her at midnight, so can you leave?" Mike snarled at his older sister.

"Hey there's no way I'm missing out on helping Wanda and Steve get together." Nancy answered back.

"Okay then, just shut up!" Dustin yelled. "Okay so here's the plan..."

IT WAS AN HOUR AND A HALF  BEFORE MIDNIGHT. Wanda waited eagerly for the new year to begin. For the first time in years she actually felt like everything was okay. No more lab experimentations, no more bombing, no more poverty. Sitting down on her bed, she eagerly waited for Kate to come upstairs so they could do each other's make up for New Years.

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