Chapter 2

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Queen Slime | Majorie

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Queen Slime | Majorie

I had just changed out to my stripper uniform and was now waiting for my turn to go out sitting in the dressing room

"Bitch I know you stole my money" a girl yelled making me turn sucking on my lollipop

"No the fuck I didn't hoe you left that shit in the bathroom" the other girl yelled

I was intrigued I turned fully that way and watched gangsta shit pop off

"Hoe you was the only one in the bathroom with me" the girl yelled

"Actually no the fuck I wasn't that bitch was too" the other girl pointed at me making me pop the lollipop out my mouth

Y'all hoes got me fucked up

"What it is cause I ain't take shit BITCH" I said standing up

"Well somebody got my shit and we ain't going out till I get it back" the girl yelled

Ha this bitch funny she ain't stopping my bag cause she lost hers

"Welcoming Queen slime to the stage" the announcer called making me snap

I walked right on pass them waiting for a bitch to say sum to me which they didn't

Just what the fuck I thought

My heels clicked as I walked up the stairs

Opening the curtains I was awakened with neon lights flashing all around and niggas sitting around the stage

I did a slow sexy walk out grabbing the pole walking around it

I seen from a distance kentrell and his gang sitting off in a section with one of my girls on the pole fa them

Yet she was shaking ass over there he was looking over here

The music started and I hopped on the pole swinging around

I twisted all the way up to the top of the pole and wrapped my legs around it throwing my head back

I let my arms go and tightened my legs around the pole slowly coming down

Money flew everywhere

I grabbed back on to the pole and dropped my feet squatting and twerking a little

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