Chapter 27-More Bite Then Bark

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The babies ^-^---->

Chapter 27

More Bite Then Bark

Wynters’ POV

I sigh and rub my stomach while quickly jotting down the answer. My eyes are heavy and my back is killing me but I need to get this done before tomorrow. I have all my work done expect for the damn science homework. I hate science but I want to be a vet and graduate so I have to suck it up. Looking through the text book quickly I find the last answer and write it down before closing the book and sighing in relief.

Falling onto my back I groan and wiggle my toes, my fat swollen toes. For being 5 ½ months pregnant with triplets I'm glad to say I'm not as big as I thought I would be. Yes I need help getting up and my stomach blocks my feet but that’s okay. Carver is constantly rubbing my back and massaging my feet so it doesn’t hurt as bad as it could be.

Speaking of Carver, I miss him. He’s been gone for a day and a half now. He is visiting a neighboring Alpha, the one who sent the request for more land. He's been hesitanting but Carver finally got him to set a meeting. He’ll be back tomorrow though. I've been left in the care of papa and daddy, along with Callum since Cortez went with Carver. I have to say I love these guys but I can’t wait till Carver comes back. There isn’t anything I can do with papa telling me to sit down or daddy holding his arms out as if I’d drop at any second. Callum just smirks and shakes his head but he too is a nervous wreck when I try to go down and up stairs. 

Pidge.” Carver whispers from the door making my eyes snap open.

“CARVER!” I shout and push off the bed as he walks in smiling.

“Hey baby! I missed you.” He says while pulling me into his arms.

“What are you doing here?” I ask and close my eyes as he rubs my back.

“Well, let’s just say we couldn’t come to an agreement.” He sighs and pecks my forehead.

I frown worriedly at the stress on his face. “What does that mean for the pack?”

“It means that we will have more attacks until we beat them or they give up.” He says angrily and I hug him, the best I can with the belly in the way.

“We’ll be fine.” I whisper and he nods.

“Want to go for a walk?” He asks with a hopeful smile.

I nod knowing he needs to shift. He grabs my hand and pulls me out the bedroom and down the hall. I slip my hand out of his hand and sick it into his back pocket so I can squeeze his ass. He chuckles and throws his arm around my back before pinching my ass. I huff and roll my eyes as he sweeps me into his arms as we reach the stairs. Of course the stairs are ‘dangerous’ and I shouldn’t go down them alone.

When we reach the tree line he puts me down before stripping his clothes. I smile as Carver shift quickly. Zayev shakes out his coat before quickly walking over to me and nuzzling my cheek before crouching down and nuzzling my belly. I run my hands through his thick coat and close my eyes as he starts licking my face happily. I've gotten used to Zayev’s show of affection so it doesn’t bother me anymore, as long as none gets on my mouth.

“Hey mate!” I giggle when he whines and circles me quickly.

>I’ve missed you love! < He says happily while nipping at my toes.

“I've miss you too! Are you ready for our trip?” I ask and he barks before lying down.

>Of course I am love! I missed our alone time yesterday. < He says as I climb onto his back carefully.

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