Chapter 11 : Which Side to Pick

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Yahaba gasped. He was defeated. By a mere human. His head rolled down onto the ground as the bead necklace around his neck suddenly broke and fell off one by one.

Although successful, Tanjirou was sent flying in mid-air after he made a big leap to end the said demon's life.

You let out a sigh, aware that Tanjirou didn't plan everything out to this point as you saw his surprised look.

After you took a big jump, you grabbed the boy by the wrist then successfully land to the ground, with him suddenly circling his hands around your neck.

"O-oh.. Thank you, (Y/N)-san-!"

Tanjirou's words came to a halt as the boy realized what he just said. He quickly release his hands from you and apologize, "I- I'm sorry! I didn't mean to call you by your first name out of the blue!"

"Ah- erm, it's fine. In all honesty, I'm not that bothered. You can call me however you like. Besides, you used to call me by my first name during the Final Selection." You responded, putting your Nichirin sword back to its scabbard as you get a mere glance of the demon finally disintegrating into mid-air.

All that was left now, is to help Tamayo and Yushiro dealing with the temari demon.

"Anyways, come on, Kamado-san. We still need to help Tamayo-san and Yushiro-san."

Weirdly enough, the burgundy-haired male didn't respond immediately. Looking over to your shoulder, you could tell that something is bothering him.

"I.." Tanjirou let out a desperate sigh, something that you've never heard of coming from him before. At least, back when you were still staying at Urokodaki's place for the night.

Then, out of nowhere, it quickly clicked to you.

Something that's been bothering Tanjirou, is you. The shock of suddenly meeting you here out of all places must be a bit overwhelming to both him and Nezuko. Moreover, them remembering your sudden disappearance that left no traces of goodbyes for them. He must have a lot of questions to ask of you, but for the sake of your boundaries, Tanjirou didn't say a word.

But knowing the kind-hearted male, he didn't want to bring it up at a place like this. Not even after fighting together to defeat Yahaba and Susamaru. At this point, you're pretty sure that Nezuko is just as curious as her brother about your reasoning.

Silence quickly envelop your surroundings, as the black clouds cover the moon from shining through its light to the garden. It feels awkward to have to stand next to each other for a few minutes without saying a thing, though it felt more like many hours have passed already. The soon cold air around doesn't even help in the slightest.

Tanjirou on the other hand feels the same. He wanted to let out a word, he really do. But after you disappeared and finally meeting you again all so sudden, it just feels out of place for the boy. He originally thought he finally gets to know you better as a friend back then, yet maybe.. He wasn't as close as he thought he was.

".. I'm.. I'm sorry."

Catching him by surprise, Tanjirou looked at you. It was the only thing that you could let out knowing about your awkward situation right now.

What the boy didn't know, is that you're not good with your words. You try your best to silent yourself from communicating because you're afraid people might misunderstand you.

That's what you've been doing up until you left Urokodaki's place anyway.

Tanjirou's mouth opened slightly, as he might try to convey something to reply back. But instead, the boy looked at you and tries to figure what emotion you're currently feeling using his good sense of smell.

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