Chapter 10 : A Mission to Complete

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More Temari balls are starting to appear and swiftly destroyed the walls of Miss Tamayo's house. After you managed to compose yourself again, the fainted voice of laughter made you turn your back towards the burgundy-haired male.

"Have you already decide on how to kill them?"

"Ahahaha! Vindictively, of course!"

Tanjirou took out his sword. He glanced at Nezuko for a moment, worrying what will happen if he were to leave her there.

Though the said girl nod her head in reassurance, despite of the shock that she get to see you now out of all times.

Conversations can wait for later. Tanjirou needs to help you with the two demons, and Nezuko will also help to protect you from any more danger.

Tanjirou smiled, but soon went his way closer behind you to observe more about the two demons.

One of them wears a black haori, covering the orange-colored kimono under it. The female demon, which Tanjirou assumed named Susamaru, has short black hair with orange tips, matching her clothes.

Both of her hands are currently holding a temari ball each, making it even more clear that she was the one who threw them against the walls.

Her companion wears a slightly dark green kimono under a black haori. His eyes for some reason are closed yet he can't seem to open them.

Although, what made Tanjirou surprised is the fact that the palm of his hands each have an eye that moves.

Creepy. You know. That was your first thought when you noticed the two demons suddenly came in from the invisible border.

'Damn it..! I haven't fully recovered and now we have to deal with these two?!'

The demon with Temari balls laughed again, "Yahaba, isn't this fun??" She asked with a somewhat excited tone.

"Need I remind you.. Susamaru?" The other demon, which you assumed is named Yahaba, paused his sentence for a moment, "your way of doing things are utterly immature. So careless, you splattered my kimono with dusts!" He grunted, ruining the moment of 'fun' his companion had.

The jingle sound perked through your ears as you close your mouth and nose from inhaling the dusts. You cannot afford to be weak at times like this, not when you knew Tanjirou and Nezuko is right behind you.

"Oh, stop whining!" Susamaru scuffed, "we found them this quick with my temari, right? So what do I care?"

"And now..!"

"WE get to play more games than ever before!!"

You immediately get down to the ground in time as two temari balls coming towards your direction again, with Tanjirou followed by jumping whilst trying to process how fast they were. Although they created more dusts within your surroundings that it made you cough a few times.

"(Y/N)-san!!" Yushiro out of nowhere shouted as you keep on coughing. His face, along with Tamayo's, describes worries seeing how you look.

"It's alright!" You tried to brush it all off, "you guys just get to safety!"

For a moment, you hesitated to say the words. But the real problem is right in front of you, so there are no reason to stop now. Even if you're still trying to deny it, the fact that they are standing behind you will prove you wrong no matter what.

".. Kamado-san and I will take care of them!"

In the distance, Susamaru laughed at how serious you looked in trying to defeat her. In her eyes, they both could easily kill you and take the burgundy-haired male's head away.

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