chapter 11

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Chapter 11:Apart

As day passses I start feeling really weak the debut for fake love is coming and I start growing my hair because the doctor said if you do chemotherapy the hair damage and it's twenty percent chance that my chemo succeed. So I grow my hair as much as I can enjoy my hair until it stay on my head.
I don't know why people hate me I mean I don't do anything bad to them maybe because I hurt them unintentionally.
But I never say hurtful words to anyone .
They say how can I become a idol I. Not capable of it. How I selected as BTS member.i know I am less in skills than other members of my team but I do my hest maybe I am not enough or whatever I try to do u can't mske them happy but still I try to make my antis also happy.
They say I can't dance or sing properly and these things hurt me so much. My skin start iching becysee of hard dances and throat hurt because of loud voice but I try my best to warm my voice and dance without showing I am in pain my body feels like on fire. But I am happy that there is Army who love BTS and like us as how we are that's why we tried to give our best to Army.
It's 3 am and I feel like I can't breath my body is red and swollen and I feel nausea and dizziness. I feel a lymp in my throat is coming so run to bathroom towards the sink and vomit blood.

I never feel sad that why God give me such disease because when he give me this much success I never ask why he select me from millions of people who work hard more than me to achieve their goals.

My body is shivering badly like I am feeling cold when my room is too warm.

After coughing blood I went to my bed and sleep.

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