Top Ruby Gems You Should Know About

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Ruby Gems are one of the best features of Ruby. They help to add more features and functions to your website. You do not have to code, which means your site will be completed in a few days. To make the most out of Ruby Gems, here are some examples you can check out: 

Active Admin

Active Admin is a gem for creating administration style interfaces. It has several features such as global navigation, user authentication, scopes, action items, downloads, index styles, APIS, sidebar sections, and so on. Active Admin makes it easy for developers to build beautiful interfaces, and that stand out. Developers only have to use the gem to do so, and it reduces the time required to build such interfaces.

ActiveRecord Import

ActiveRecord Import helps to insert data records in bulk. It makes it easier to import external data, as well. While it make take time and expertise to insert or upload a huge amount of records, it is convenient to use when uploading ten records or so. It reduces the conversion time. ActiveRecord Import also does not generate too many SQL insert statements. Experts in the field can easily avoid the N+1 insert problem.


Ahoy is a kind of analytical platform for Ruby. Developers can easily track events, visits, and so on in apps like Ruby and JavaScript. It creates visit tickets. These tickets give you the source of the traffic, its place of origin and location as well as the device information of the client using it. Users can also find out the UTM parameters of the site visits.


CanCanCan is a Ruby gem used for authorisation. It helps to create the roles and rules of the users as well as a description of their rights. It also has a set of helpers to manage these roles and rules and to view and control them. The gem is highly convenient to use when it comes to user authentication and makes the task easy for developers.


Carrierwave helps to upload and process files for various Ruby frameworks. Developers can create new versions, upload them or remove them. It also lets them test and configure the files. Carrierwace works with other gems as well. It works with Fog gem to integrate cloud servers. Carrierwave_backgrounder also works with Carrierwave to help process images or compress them in the background. It also provides support for Resque, Girl Friday, Qu, Queue Classic, Sidekiq, and so on.


Devise is also another gem for authentication and authorisation. When developers create an application on a social media network, they have to log in to the social media page. They also have to provide authentication and authorisation. While writing codes can do this, Devise makes it easier and less complicated. It has ten modules, including Database Authentication, Trackable, Rememberable, Omniauthable, FriendlyId, and others. The database ID of each module easily identifies the resources URLs, and FrindlyId is a module that transforms those URLs to friendly web page URLs that are easy to remember.


Draper is a gem that helps to build decorators around the models that developers create. Draper also ensures that developers do not have to write helpers and makes for a much cleaner view. Instead of writing helpers with their models, developers can define the decorators and get the task done.


Pry is a useful gem to avoid library integration errors. It also solves the problem that arises with binding the gems during code generation. Developers can set breakpoints and debug code in small steps to ensure that there are no issues during the process. Pry also has some unique features like runtime invocation, highlighting syntax, exotic object support, and so on.


Redis is an open-source gem used as cache, database and message broker. It comes with data structure support and supports various data structures like lists, sets, hashes, strings, bitmaps, and so on. It also has

Rspec Rails

RSpec Rails is a gem that facilitates developers to write unit test cases and ensures that their syntax is neat and descriptive. Developers can easily integrate the RSpec framework into all their Rails projects. All they have to do is to generate the spec helpers and configuration files that they need for the project.

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