Chapter 8 : Who I Loathe

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"CAW! Go to Asakusa, Tokyo! To complete your next mission! CAW!"

"There are rumours about demons lurking around during the night! CAW!"

Unknowingly, the sun already set and replaced by the moon, making the earlier sunny day turns into a dark night surrounding the people inside or outside of the town.

City lights and lanterns could be seen from all directions. Tall buildings, food stands, and the town's people walking from left to right, passing through a certain demon hunter standing beside his sister. Traditional Japanese music can be heard as well from afar, convincing many people to enjoy the festival that is currently being held on.

He froze and panicked as he scan the area surrounding him. The very tall buildings he had never seen before, not to mention how much lights that are scattered around and people from many places walk past by him
He couldn't decide whether if  he should be thrilled or scared.

Tanjirou holds his sister's hand in order for them to not get separated from the crowd as he lead her to a more quite place.

'So, the cities are this advanced now? I didn't expect it to be this crowded!'

'Not to mention of how bright it is even though it's already night time!'

Tanjirou rushed through the crowd cautiously in order to not bump into anyone.

In the middle of the crowd, he could smell something. Something.. warm.
His nose jerked a few times, he smile excitedly as he quickly drag his sister to the place he's going to.

They stopped in a more quite road, where he could see an udon noodle seller. He was too tired because of all the running, but force himself to slowly walk towards the vendor that was sitting in a certain bench.

"Excuse me.."

The udon seller turn his head to see the exhausted demon hunter, followed by his sister standing behind him.

"..One bowl of udon noodles with grated yams on top please."

Tanjirou ordered as his head suddenly felt dizzy. His dizziness were probably caused by how much surprises he had countered within the places around him earlier.

As the vendor quickly make his order, Tanjirou sat down in the same bench where the seller sat earlier.

The crowded city and many lights are too much for him to bare until Nezuko managed to snap him back into reality by leaning herself to him, still falling asleep.

Tanjirou smiled warmly looking at her, she must've feel very tired after their mission.

"Here's your bowl of udon noodles with grated yams on top!"

The vendor suddenly said. Tanjirou turn his body sideway to receive his order then thanked the vendor for the meal.

The savory scent coming from the warm soup of the noodles triggered his nose. He took a sip of it, enjoying the warmth of the freshly prepared meal.

But then, there's another scent that triggered his nose. He froze in his place. Knowing the very familiar scent that suddenly tickled his nose, the smell he would never forget.

The exact same scent he smelled back inside of his house, the culprit that massacred his family mercilessly.

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