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(You pov)

"I can't believe you, " I hiss at Elyse, " your the worst friend a girl can have. Elyse looked like she didn't mind in the least. Her hair still wild from her romp with the student from presentation day. "Miss Elyse the principal would like to see you now," the front office lady called. I watched at my friend walked to the office. I was her ride home and she had to block my escape by pushing her luck twice today with the same guy. First they had fun in the janitors closet, then second period they went at it in the girls bathroom getting caught by a teacher. I sink in my chair as people passed by looking at me. I hate front offices. "Are you the one who get caught in the bathroom?" I look up coming face to face with Mr Spears. "No," I nearly shouted then cleared my throat talking softly, " no." He seemed to smile at my embarrassment. "See you in class tomorrow ," he nods picking up papers for tomorrow. I look away so embarrassed. Elyse came out shortly so I got up. " Next time if I give you my keys promise you'll find somewhere to do the dirty and not get in trouble, or my car impounded, " I sigh. "Probably not," she admitted. I shook my head, what was I gonna do with her. As I walk her to my car she started giving me a play by play on how good the guy , Zack, was. "Why don't you keep this one then," I asked getting in about to start the car till I noticed something on the driver side windshield. Her dull answer seemed to disappear. Where had the flower come from, who put it there? I got out and picked up my favorite flower. "Where did that come from,"Elyse sounded a bit annoyed that I stopped listening. My fingers came upon a ribbon, taking it between my thumb and forefinger I see that it was a dark blue enough to look black during other parts of the day. However as the sun was setting I could see the blue. "Did you happen to see anyone near the car today?" Elyse shook her head no.

~~ Next Week~~

( You Pov)

"Great news," Elyse squealed to our new group of friends while she put on her "man snatching" shade of red lipstick. Autumn closer to her rolled her eyes already catching on," find a hunk who knows what he's doing?" "Not yet," she admitted but bit her lip telling me all I need to know. "You officially decided to chase someone to see how they are in bed," I guessed knowing I hit the mark," don't bite your lip like that now you have it on your teeth." "Shit," she fixed it. She really should get that 12 hour lipstick, that shit made me tear my lip trying to get it off. "How did you-" Elyse cut off Stephanie, " because we have been friends for how long now babe?"She playfully laid on me in playful fake lesbian love. "A while," I try not to laugh as she pouts that I wasn't going along with it. The bell sounded telling us lunch was over. "Well who ever this guy may be," Stephanie smiled cleaning up her lunch ,"good luck." "It is gonna be a hard one to crack," she admitted tossing away her trash. I giggle and roll my eyes about to toss away my trash till I noticed another flower in my water bottle holder in my bag. I couldn't help but smile a bit as I headed to class. My smile fades by last period as I noticed a ribbon tied to the screen projector. As william grabbed it pulling the screen down I swear I saw blue to that ribbon. I look down at the flower still in my water bottle flower then back at the bottom of the projector screen. "Now remember this is worth the rest of your grade for first quart, so pay attention," William called for our attention. Shit wasn't paying attention how the fuck did he explain to fill out that form. As I wrote what I saw down my mind started to drift again. Bloody hell (Y/n) focus. I look down at what I had been writing still not understanding. Fuck okay I'll stay behind.... stay behing ask questions and get a closer look at that ribbon. I smile to myself thats my plan. While waiting for class to end I tried to make sense of it myself. As the bell rang I packed up everyhing but my notepad before heading to him at his desk. That I just now noticed was behind and off to the side if my desk. "Excuse me," I catch his attention.

( William pov)

"Excuse me," I heard a sexy innocent voice interrupt my lesson plan I was working on. I look up to see miss (Y/n) holding a note book. "Can you put on the projector again I think I got this down wrong, " she admitted. I stood going to the front of the class pulling down the screen once more. I noticed her eyes caught the ribbon. I crease it with my fingers ever so slightly. Her eyes flicker to mine and back again. I knew the moment she realized it was the same ribbon as her breathing increased just a bit and how there was a dusting of blush spreading across her cheeks. Oh yes, I left the flowers for her. I couldn't help it, I've never wanted to see a woman smile so much even if she is now my student. I smile a bit seeing what she had written down it was jumbled and every now and then you could read where her mind wondered off. I grabbed a pen and started correcting where she went wrong step by step, more than half way through she seemed to stiffen beside me. Had I over stepped her boundaries, and now she decided decided it wasn't worth it? Her eyes focus on the colar of my shirt. "Thank you I think I understand now, " she sounded professional, definitely has her walls up. "I am glad I could help you," I give her a kind smile pulling the screen up. She stuffed her notebook in her bag and left in a hurry. I frown a bit, it had to be something more. Going to my desk pulling out a confiscated eyeshadow pallet opening it. I look at where her eyes had seemed glued. On the collar of my shirt was a red lip mark. Only viable because I had taken off my jacket. I curse under my breath as I remember just how I got the mark.

~Earlier that day~

( William pov)

It was my grading period just after lunch. Thankfully, because I had been busy during lunch so I couldn't eat. I was in mid chew when I heard someone come in. Only looking up when the lock clicked. Elyse stood there her breasts in display after taking off her shirt. "I brought you some coffee," her innocent voice turned to a purr. I swallowed the mouth full of food, feeling like I just swallowed sand. She strutted over to my desk leaning forward on my desk nipping my earlobe. "I was thinking you could drink it off of me," she let her lips trail down. "I think you should leave," I warned her backing up and away from my desk. Though she now climbed on my lap placing my hands on her breasts making me squeeze them. "Are you sure," Elyse grinds herself on me , and I could feel that the skirt was the only thing she had on. Tho this attractive woman was throwing herself at me my dick was asleep. Straight up limp, never have I had issues getting hard. "Continue and I'll have to report this," I warn. Elyse pouts getting off of me putting her shirt back on. However as she left I could see in her eyes that this was in fact not over. Taking a napkin I wipe my earlobe and neck till the tissue was clean.

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