Here Comes Santa Clause

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Everyone woke in a wonderful mood. Today was Christmas Eve and the excitement was thick in the air. Last minute gifts had been wrapped and stuffed under the tree. The smell of Christmas dinner wafted from the kitchen making our mouths water. Christmas music played softly in the background as we all drank spiked eggnog and nibbled on sweet candies and sugar cookies.

As the evening wore on we stuffed ourselves full of fine food and wine. By ten that night we all bundled up and made our way into town to visit the local church for midnight mass. For an hour we prayed and listen to the story of our saviors birth. Young children sat at a crafty nativity scene as they reacted the most glorious tale of all time's.

As we said our parting prayers, I grasped the golden cross that drapped my neck and took a moment to thank the Lord for everything he has given me and for keeping my family safe. As many close calls as we've had it was crazy not to think that there had to be a higher power watching over us.

Once we returned home we all opened one gift as was our tradition. Afterwards we all turned in for the night in anticipation for tomorrow. As I was preparing for bed, I slung back the covers to find a small box wrapped in good paper with silver ribbon neatly strung along. Looking up at London, I smiled. "What is this?"

" Open it and see".

With excitement I slowly unraveled the ribbon and tore the paper away. A black velvet box stared back at me. London nodded his head indicating for me to open it. Slowly I lifted the lid and stared a bit confused at the round, gold coin like object that sat upon the velvet padding but when I realized what I was seeing a gasp parted my lips and my knees weakened.

For many year's I have heard about this but London assured me that it was only a myth. What this box held was one of the Italian mafias most prized possession. This was the omerta. You see, when one takes over a high position they take an oath... Hence omerta. The person promises never to break the mafia laws or reveal any unlawful activities to authorities or anyone outside of the family. For year's I've questioned London about this but he always wrote it off as nonsense that Hollywood movie's created. The good token was to be kept in a breast pocket or wallet at all time's. It was never to leave the body. Not once have I ever seen London carry one and I'm guessing he saw the questions in my mind. Pulling his jacket open, he revealed a barely visible hidden pocket small enough to hide a token such as this. Slowly he removed a matching gold coin from the secret pocket revealing it to me. Yes, this meant that London lied to me all of these year's but I understood therefore couldn't be upset. This also meant that London held many secrets about the world, secrets that could cause major political figures to fall and wars erupt. "How did I not know that you held one of these?" I asked more to myself than to him.

London smiled. "Because no one could know... Not even you. It's part of my oath."

This really stumped me. Usually I'm always a step ahead. Nothing ever gets by me but yet my husband was able to keep this hidden from me our entire marriage. Then it dawned on me... I was married to one of the most highest ranking mafia leader's around. Yes, I always knew that London was powerful but  this, this was beyond my thinking. "Now it's part of your oath". London continued.

My face took on a serious look as his word's sunk in. "But how? I don't understand."

London smiled again. "For year's you stood by my side as my queen. I've watched you grow and learn. I've seen you do impossible thing's, protect the family and remain loyal no matter the cost. Yet you've never had a ceremony in your honor or received the recognition you deserve. It's time you got that my baby doll" .

"But if I recall correctly the only person who can admit me into this circle of secrets had to be the leader of the omerta. The one who is over it all. That person is supposed to present this gold token to me".

London smiled bigger. "I know baby doll.... And he just did."

For the first time I was rendered speechless. Was my husband telling me that he was the one? That he was over it all? "Are you saying..."

London laughed. "Yes baby doll. You may have figured many thing's out but never this one. You was content on believing it was a myth. Your well deserved ceremony will be in a month. Oh, and you will be the first woman ever admitted into the circle" .

I only stood there, too overwhelmed to speak. London leaned down and kissed my nose. "Sei potente. (You are powerful). "Tu sei la mia regina". (You are my queen). "Tu sei la mia ombra". You are my shadow. "Ti amo". (I love you). "Ravioli".

London's lips met mine and we fell onto the bed. My husband was the king of kings... And now I would stand by his side in all aspects.

Merry Christmas my love's!! I hope you enjoyed this little treat!! No, it's not much but it's the least I can do to show my appreciation for all of the votes, reads, comments etc.

To all a good night...... The Harper's....

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