Chapter 1

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Before any stubborn people say that you can't  get pregnant without intercourse, I must say..YOU ARE DEAD WRONG. Once the sperm is in contact with the vagina then it has a possiblity of impregnating a female. Sciencetists proved that. Don't blame me...blame the facts.

Pic of Dakota:


The music filled my ears as I entered the crowded room. I pulled the sexy boy towards an empty place in the kitchen. I jumped up to sit on the granite kitchen counter. The boy helped me up. I stared into the depth of his piercing blue eyes. I had saw him in my school but never really talked to him. He was some kind of jock or something, really popular.

I examined his face. My breath wiped away from me. He was gorgeous. His full, pink lips curled into a smile. I returned it with a flirty smile and I bit my bottom lip gently. He stood directly in front of me.

I wrapped my legs around his waist and jammed him up to my body. "What's your name again, sweetheart?" I asked in a sweet tone.

"Tr...Travis" He stummered making me smile.

"Sounding a little nervous there Travis." I stated while staring at his lips.

"No way. I done this before." He said, sounding arrogant.

"So then you're a player?" I asked trying to sounding naughty.

"Well I get lots of girls so..." He started.

I cut him off, "Kiss me." I demanded.

He lightly pressed his lips to mine. Together, our lips moved slowly as one while his hands planted firmly at my waist. I held the back of his head, my fingers interwined in his black hair.

I ran my fingers down his chest, interwining my thumbs around the waist of his jeans, tugging him closer to me. He groaned while I leaned back on the counter. He helplessly followed my movement on top of me, his lips finding mine in an urgent rage.

I traced my tongue along his bottom lips before flickering it inside his mouth. I moved my fingers to the front of his jeans, gently opening it. With that, Travis swooped me up off the counter and ran for the stairs, quickly taking me to his room.

It was his party and almost the whole school was here. His house was huge. It had everything a person could want. Apparently, his father wasn't here. He was doing some bussiness since he was the mayor.

He gently pulled off my fitted, black leather top. It was more like a bra though, hardly covering anything on me. He pulled of his jersey, leaving his sexy six packs exposed.

Travis gently laid me on the large bed before crawling on top of me. His hands slid down my bare torso as he kissed me softly. He trailed his lips along my jaw. His hot breath tickled my skin, sending chills throught out my body.

His finger trailed down my back, unsnapping my tight bra before casually throwing it across the room. I panted as my heart raced. I was still a virgin and now I was about to lose it to a guy I hardly knew. Once he was down against me, the passion between us seemed to have set on fire.

It was overwhelming, the feeling of our bare skin against each other. I let go of him without breaking the kiss to unbotton my short, tight black leather skirt and quickly slipped it off my body. His fiery lips travelled down my neck to my collarbone, lingering there for a few minutes leaving tender marks along my flesh.

His hands gripped my waist, stopping to look at me with a request of approval. . He groaned in pleasure and suspense. He kissed me passionately, his hand moving down slowly until it met my pantie line.

His hand slipped slowly into my black thong. I shivered in pleasure and couldn't help but moan between his lips. I let my hand run down his chest to his boxers, slowly pulling them down until he kicked it off. My eyes grew large as I saw his stuff. It was erected and ready to be put to use. He gently slipped off my thong and threw it across the room just as he did with my bra.

He inched it closer until it was inches away from entering. But then I realised that something was wrong. In class they taught about safety. And he clearly had none.

"Do you have protection?" I asked panicing a bit.

"No. But I'm safe. I don't have any disease." He said before kissing me again.

I broke away from the kiss, "It's not that. I could get pregnant."

"But you won't." He said reassuringly.

I pushed him off of me, "You don't know that."

"Oh come on." He pleaded, "We just don't have to do anything. It has anal."

I gave in," Ok." I always wanted to try that."

"You haven't done this before have you?" He asked.

"Done what?" I didn't want to tell him I had no experience.

"This. You've never done it." He stated.

"So what? I thought guys liked virgins." I tried to say it cool.

"We do." With that he pulled me close to him.

He crawled on top of me once more but and kissed me gently. "Tell me if anything doesn't feel right okay?" He asked.

I nodded. He moved his lips down to my collarbone and down my torso to my pantie line once more.

The time faded as passion went on. We were still in the middle of the act when the door shot open just then. A petite, slim girl with strawberry blonde hair like mine stood open eyed at the door.

"Tr..Tr..Travis?" She stummered. "How could you? And with her?" She pointed at me.

Travis began to explaimed, "Aaliyah. It isn't like that."

"Well then what is it? You were doing it with her. You bastard!" The girl exclaimed. I knew who she was. She was Aaliyah Lewis, the cheerleader captain and also a senior just like Travis.

"Who are you?" I asked hoping that they weren't a couple.

"I am his girlfriend, whore." She exclaimed.

"Wait, I didn't know he had a girlfriend." I said looking at him angrily.

"Well it looks like he lied to more than one girl." She stated shaking her head to clear her mind.

Travis got up from me and pulled his boxers on. "Lily.." He began.

"Don't ever call me that again. Don't even call me Aaliyah. You nasty liar!" Her green eyes were filled with rage. She stormed out the room.

"Lily. Aaliyah." Travis tried to call her.

He walked back into the room slowly, locking the door as he entered. I sat on the bed shocked at the sence that just unfolded. Travis slumped to the floor against the wall. He looked devasted. I had an odd feeling to comfort him. I walked to retrieve my clothes that was scattered all over the bedroom. Oh shit! His sperm was all over me. I tried to wipe it off as much as I could.

I finished putting them on and walked over to Travis. "You deserved what you got. I am not a person to just use. Good thing I didn't give up my virginity to you." I walked out the door.

"Jackass." I  shouted after him as I walked down the stairs.

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