Chapter 10 and a half

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Elena changed into jeans and a shirt and then we went downstairs. We found Harry, deeply asleep on the couch with a big smile on his face and next to him was Niall, still playing a video game.

"El, honey, I think your husband passed out."

"My God, I swear if he's gonna be like this every day I'm getting a divorce!" She said with humour.

"You want me to get him upstairs?"

"No! At this state he's gonna rape me! Just leave him here, I'll get him a blanket later."

We smiled and I asked Niall if he wants to go. He nodded and I hugged Elena goodbye. We got into the car and drove off. He didnt take the usual rode.

"Where are we going?"

"We need to get some food. The fridge is empty."

Of course it was. From now on, when every single suspicious detail appears I'm gonna think hes gonna propose. When he'll go to the store, when we'll go for a walk, when he'll make lunch...

"Hello? Wanna come with me or are you just gonna sit there?"

I smiled and got out of the car. We bought some stuff and started driving home. It was already really dark. I took my phone to check if I had any messages. Next thing I heard was Niall's scream and when I looked up I saw a car driving directly at us. Without thinking I closed my eyes and touched Nialls hand. He took my hand and the last thing I heard before the crash was Niall's whisper:

"I love you..."


I know its short and terribe, but I just wanted to complicate things a bit and I thought of this in 5 minutes. I'm gonna upload Chapter 11 when I get 5 votes on this chapter so.. VOTE!! =)xx

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