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Entangled in each other's arms, Cooper and Riley both slept peacefully. Clothes strewn about, a used condom close by, a bottle of wine on the floor close to the couch they both occupied. The dog woke first, rubbed his eyes and was still in a haze of sleepiness.

He couldn't check his phone while in the shower, but he heard the familiar 'ding' notification sound.

After throwing on his clothes from last night, he answered a text from his son.

Seth: <Hey dad, Andrew is dropping me off. I'll be there at around noon.>

Cooper: <Cool! Maybe we'll go to the mall this afternoon.>

Well, that made Cooper's life easier, Andrew was Seth's best friend. The one he always had sleepovers with, the one who helped him through those tough few years of school. What was great about the human and meerkat hanging out was Seth was also friends with Andrew's friends, they created a nice little circle of happiness. Checking the time on his phone, it read 11:30. If he wanted to have a father son day, he'd have to prepare now.

Riley was up and making coffee, upon seeing Cooper she wrapped her smooth spotted arms around his neck, kissing his nose gently. "Morning sexy." With a gentle chuckle, Cooper kisses back. His heart fluttered slightly. "I hate to do this to you, but Seth is coming over. He wants to hang out." Riley shrugged, smiled slightly and handed Cooper a plate of assorted hot breakfast foods. "I'd love to meet your son! Hanging out with you both sounds great!" The lab rubbed his neck, frowning slightly. "Actually, usually it's just me and Seth. No offense!" He smiled a bit, his voice speeding up slightly. "Maybe the three of us can hang out another time! Ya know, go to the movies or something?"

The cat didn't want to seem dismayed, but to her the last sentence seemed like a quickly strewn together ditch effort. Something to make her feel good but in the end, an empty promise. "Well, I understand. Fathers and sons should have days to themselves!" Cooper filled with relief, kisses Riley's lips quickly. "Thank you. You're to kind."

Riley nodded. "I'll text you later then." Cooper sat to eat, listening to make sure Riley didn't need any last-minute things.

After shutting the door, Riley sighed deeply, her heart thudding. She steps down the pathway leading to Cooper's car, eyeing it, she made sure the lab was out of sight.

First off, she really didn't believe he was hanging out with his son. Too easy. He probably just didn't want to deal with her. She loved him, and she knew he loved her, but like most men he was probably aloof. Scatter brained. Dogs were especially forgetful and rather dopey in her opinion.

Kneeling, the cheetah reached into her expensive purse and quickly placed a black remote on the bottom of his SUV. Satisfied with her choice, she briskly walked to her own car and pulled out, turning on some light music. Driving with one hand, she grabbed her cellphone, which matched her purse's color and texture. She quickly opened an app which showed a large white map of the surrounding area.

A single blip appears on the map, an app entitled 'LookSee' showing that Cooper's car was still parked in its designated spot. An illegal app she bought from a friend. Stick a remote to the bottom of a car (or any object) and the app automatically detects where the quote 'victim' is going.

Glancing to the road and now at a stop sign, she labeled this blip 'Cooper.' Oh no, in her mind she wasn't stalking-more monitoring. Hovering him like a deranged helicopter parent. Making sure he was okay. Seth was the only other one living with him and she'd be dammed if something bad were to happen to her lover. Riley was only being a good girlfriend-looking out for her hunky boyfriend.

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