one kidnapping later

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No this isn't a kidnapping. It was just a remove and transfer mission. It didn't matter that Barry used a tranquilizer and sped his double into the STAR Labs van. And that they were doing it where there were no cameras. Okay they had Cisco disable cameras. Okay this was definitely a kidnapping. But at least they weren't taking him hostage for torture.
Team Flash had been spying on Barry's double the past two hours. They needed to take him to STAR Labs before he caused something bad for Barry. And before he inevitably gained Barry's powers from being on this earth too long like all the others had. Cisco had a prototype metahuman cure and had started giving it to some of the prisoners. Thing was it's a prototype so it won't permanently remove their powers.
"Hey guys why are there two Allens?" Ralph asks walking into the room. "Did he time travel again?"
"No Ralph I thought we told you about the doppelgängers of some older metas in the pipeline" Caitlin huffs trying her hardest not to go frosty. "So guys I had a thought so since Barry can time travel parallel timelines could exist meaning their could be other universes. Like one where I was dead or none of us ever met or where everyone was evil or there were Nazis that won a war. We could call it the manyverse" Ralph attempts to explain using a whiteboard. Barry Caitlin and Cisco just give him the 'seriously Ralph we know' look. "And everyone knows about the manyverse" Ralph huffs disappointed.
"Multiverse and so do you" Caitlin corrects. "What did you think we meant when we said Harry was from Earth-2?"
"That he was from earth also"
"The baby giraffe does make a point" Sherlouque Wells comments appearing out of nowhere.
"You guys really need a welcome pamphlet or something" Ralph complains. "Anyway you never answered the first question"
"Well there was a breach, and all the people who wound up on our earth if the versions of themselves on this earth had powers, after a few days they seemed to develop their powers. So when we spotted Barry's doppelgänger we figured out a way to knock him out and bring him here before he gets speed like Barry's. We also put meta cuffs on him while Cisco is working on the Meta-Cure so maybe it'll slow down the process." Caitlin explains. Ralph nods somewhat still confused.
  "He's starting to come to what do I do" Barry asks rapidly.
   "Tranq him" Cisco says
   "Are you sure that's a good idea" Caitlin retorts.
   Barry tranqs his double.
   "This is bordering on illegal guys" Ralph says
    "No it's definitely illegal" Caitlin murmurs.
    Barry moves his double to the MedBay.
  "Barry! Robbery at fifth and ninth!" Cisco yells from the cortex.
   "On it"
One hour later

Barry speeds back into the cortex. He had caught Baez and put her in the pipeline. Then he had been called out for a crime scene.
He then notices some noises coming from the medbay. Then he heard Ralph scream like a little girl. "You guys left Ralph in there alone" Barry says low-key annoyed. Why be surprised though. This is just a slightly out of the usual Tuesday in central city. "Wait that means other you is awake" Cisco says and then team flash all are in the medbay looking at a confused Barry Allen look alike.

This chapter is short sorry

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