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•{ Vera's POV }•

I've been in the mafia mansion for four days.
It's been four days since Tori was taken.
Yesterday Alex's men arrived and yet no one has found her yet. No one.

I can't help but get angry.
Angry at myself for not being able to do something. Angry at them for not being able to find her..and mainly angry at Adrian and the Russians for taking her.

She's the only person I could even consider a friend and now she's just gone.

I go downstairs to see if there has been any update and soon enough I see everyone in the meeting room and tech room trying to find her.

I walk in the meeting room even though girls aren't aloud from where we aren't in the mafia...but at this post I don't care.

I go to the table and get close enough to see everything and I see a piece of paper of random numbers. I pick it up and say "What is this?" Marco, Lorenzo, and Diego stare at me as if I'm a ghost or something.

"You aren't suppose to be in here." Marco says

"She's been gone four days. I think you need all the help you can get. Now what is this?" I ask this pregnancy making me snappy

"She's right." I hear a strange voice say from behind me so I turn and look. I see Alex, an older looking version of Alex, and Luca behind me with Valente, Riccardo, Francesco, and Stefan behind them. The voice came from the older looking version of Alex.

"I'm Michael, Alex's father." He introduces himself and I nod and turn back to the paper as the men behind me come into the room around the table.

"The numbers are what Tori gave to Greta to give to Luca in case something happened."
Marco explains

"Did she say anything or leave another message somewhere?" I ask

"She told Greta to tell Luca to always remember that she is in control..which doesn't make sense." Lorenzo says

I think about it and back to that day and I think about Tori and what she would do.

"It actually makes perfect sense." I say

Luca seems interested in my take as he says "Go on.."' Everyone else seems confused.

"I didn't know her personally for long but I know just by spending time with her that she is not only smarter than most but she's clever. That day before we walked out of the restaurant it was like her body told her what was going to happen and her mind already had a plan in place. It was like she already knew something like that would happen." I tell them

"What do you mean?" Alex asks

"She had a syringe in her purse and before we walked out of the restaurant she shot it in her arm and then hid it back in her purse which she sent with me so they wouldn't find it. What if whatever was in that syringe is some kind of tracking device? I saw the Russians do it to their slaves what if she took one of theirs when she was there before." I explain my thought

"She was there before?" Valente asks

"дерьмо(shit)" I say to myself for spilling that fact to him and yet Luca and Alex look at me in shock and confusion along with Michael.

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