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•{ Greta's POV (surprise) }•

After about ten minutes of Tori being gone Luca comes franticly running down the stairs while shirtless. Everyone else is already up in the dinning room for breakfast.

"Where's Tori?" Luca asks

"She isn't here." I answer

"Where is she?" Luca asks in more of a commanding voice

"She's out." I tell him politely

"Where?" Luca asks getting more impatient

"She said it was a personal breakfast with Stefan's wife Vera and she didn't tell me why or where." I tell him not willing to lie

"It's not safe." Luca says

"She's aware and she took precautions so if anything goes wrong. I know you already trust her but trust her a little bit more. I think she's a lot stronger and smarter than any of us realize." I say trying to calm him even though I'm not calm myself

"You don't understand.." Luca says warningly

"I understand you care for her and I know she has something in place in case something goes wrong. I know that you are worried about the Russians getting her..and she knew that was a possibility but she took the chance. I don't know why but I know that I trust her instincts more than anyone else's. That may not mean anything being I'm a maid...but don't forget I helped raise you and I've been around and in this mansion longer than you." I say
politely and calmly

"Greta you are out of line!" I hear Valente say behind me and I look and see everyone is behind him. I guess they heard us talking.

"No she isn't. She's right." Luca says

"I'm not meaning to disrespect anyone but from the moment she walked into this mansion my loyalties laid with her. I'm not saying she'll be fine because I'm not God and I do not know...but I do know that she is every bit of the mafia but so much more. I trust her and I trust whatever plan she has." I say politely

Then I excuse myself to go clean up the dinning room while saying a little prayer over Tori and even Vera who I hear is pregnant.


I began to get anxious after Tori has been gone for an hour and I start getting this bad feeling and after a lot of debating I go try to find Luca to give him the message but before I can the doorbell rings. I go and answer the door and see a panicked Vera. I open the door to let her inside and she walks in I shut and lock the door behind her.

"Where's Tori?" I ask

"They took her.." Vera gets out before breaking down crying in my arms. I feel my blood freeze and I do the only thing I can do I yell "LUCA!"

Soon Luca, Valente, Lorenzo, Diego, Marco, Alex, Riccardo, Francesco, Angelina, and Elena all fun into the room. Everyone seemed panicked but Luca seemed frozen like his worst nightmare had happened.

"What happened?" Marco asks

"Where is Tori?" Luca asks trying to control his emotions as if he already knew but wanted to be sure disregarding Marcos question.

Vera straightened up and wiped her face and says "She picked me up we had breakfast. As we were leaving the restaurant Tori became alarmed she gave me instructions to stay calm act natural and to stay by her side. I did as she asked and when we got to the parking garage Russian's came out. There were so many."

"Where is she?" Luca asks demanding

"I think they took her. She told me to run and get in the car with her purse and gave me instructions to stab or run over any of them who tried to stop me. I tried to stay with her but she told me I had to leave for the sake of my baby. So I ran and got in the car. She killed over ten men before I even got into the car but I did as she asked and I didn't look back. She told me to come here and tell all of you. I don't know what she meant but she said it would rush her safety timer up." Vera rushed all of it out and at that moment I knew it was the time

"I'm her timer. She gave me instructions in case something went wrong. I'm suppose to give you this..." I say to Luca as I hand him the piece of paper Tori handed me.

"Mom, Angel take Vera into the other room and let her call Stefan and tell him to come and only bring his most trust men so they can stay here until this is all over." Luca orders before reading the paper

"That's exactly what Tori said.." Vera whispers

Elena and Angelina takes Vera into another room to let her call Stefan. Luca looked as if he needed to kill someone. Not that he wanted to but like he needed to. As if it was what he needed to live. He was tense to say the least.

"Did she say anything else?" Luca asks as he sees the random numbers

"Yes. She said that if anything happened to give you the paper and to tell you to remember that she's always in control." I tell him

He lets out a dark laugh and shakes his head as if he can't believe it.

"I still don't know what this means.." Luca says
he looks at Riccardo and says "Get the footage from the parking garage and Marco take some men with you out there and see if you can find anything."

Marco nods and leaves going to the restaurant and Riccardo goes into the tech room to do as he was told.

"This is Tori we are talking about so I'm calling in some of my best men to come join me here because when we find her I want to be prepared for anything." Alex says and then walks into another room and Luca nods and surprisingly lets him do it.

I knew Luca cared for Tori deeply.

I just hope they get their chance at happiness together...

I hope she stays alive long enough for Luca to find her...

I'll never forgive myself for not stopping her if she dies..

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