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•{ Tori's POV }•

I knew I was walking into my own personal hell the minute we stepped foot out of the restaurant and I was right. The minute we reached the parking garage we were being surrounded by Russians. I can take out a lot but this was just to many to take out with one gun while keeping Vera safe in the process.

I quickly dragged Vera with me behind a wall shooting my gun to cover us and I looked at her and quietly talked. As I keep shooting to cover us.

"The car is to the left take my purse and when I tell you to run you run. Get in the car and speed away if they try to stop you stab them with my knife or run them over. The car is bulletproof so don't panic if they shoot at you. Just speed all the way back to the mafia mansion. Tell them what happened and then call Stefan and tell him to meet you there with his most trust men for your safety until this is over." I tell Vera

"I'm not leaving you here to die." Vera says

"No you aren't. I have a gun so I'm not defenseless. I'll be kidnapped not killed. You are going to rush my timer up and get the help that is needed. Now when I tell you to run...freaking run and don't look back. They will kill you and your baby so for the sake of your unborn child do as I say and get the hell out of here before your dragged to hell with me. Understood?" I said using my rough commanding voice and it works because she takes my purse and holds the keys and knife in her hands and nods.

I step out and shoot everyone on the left side dead getting a look of amazement and shock from Vera. Then I shoot covering Vera.

"Now." I tell her and she looks at me and mouths "thank you!" then Vera takes off running as I cover for her.

I run out of bullets at the same time she speeds away I take a breath and thank the heavens for at least giving Vera some grace for her unborn child.

I just throw my gun hitting another guy in the face. I take his gun and shoot a few more people till the bullets are out. I could fight hand to hand when some more Russians try to come and grab me but I don't. I put up just enough fight but pretend to be getting tried.

I hold my breath not breathing in the drug they hold over my mouth and I soon I see darkness from holding my breath to long but I'm not about to be drugged again.

Because we I get there I want them to see me as tired and I want them to underestimate me for the same girl they thought I was the last time I was with them...but this time I'm stronger.
I'm smarter. I'm better prepared.

This time I'm fueled.

I'm ready to face the my personal hell head on and end it once and for all..............

one way or another.

So I let my self slip into darkness because when I wake up I'm going to endure hell before I release my own hell upon them.

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