I get to Vera's and she's ready and jumps in.

"You got here in exactly forty minutes."
Vera says

"I told you I would." I say

"I didn't know you would be exact." Vera says and I just smile and start heading to a restaurant and in case I forgot to mention she's wearing a shirt white floral dress with freaking pink heels.


We arrived at the restaurant. On the way we made small talk about the baby she's expecting and all of her plans and she joked about me being the baby's godmother.

We get sat down in the restaurant and we immediately order and when our food arrives we start to eat and talk about the topic at hand.

"I remember after they killed my mother right before I escaped to Italy there was this girl I would catch glimpses of. She was the reason I decide to take the chance of death by going to Italy because when I would see her..her whole face and body would be bruised and sometimes even bloody. I remember she was there for about a week or two and she seemed to be around my age. I wanted to help her but I couldn't ever get close of enough to her.
I don't even think she ever saw me. I remember the men would joke about how good she must of been in bed for Adrian to keep her as his woman but I never knew the story. I just heard rumors about them meeting at a club and that she had some fight the next morning but after that they kept her so drugged and kept trying to beat the fight out of her...I escaped after a little over a week of her being there because someone started blowing up stuff outside. They were being attacked so I grabbed my bag and ran as fast and as far as I could to Italy...and now after sleepless nights and thinking about it over and over again I remember that the girl who I wanted to help but also admired because as bruised as she was..she didn't ever seem broken. That girl's name was Victoria."
Vera told her story

I gave her a sad smile and nodded.

"My real name is Victoria. The day you escaped was the day I was being rescued by the American mafia. They aren't after you...he's after me." I tell her in all honesty

Vera's eyes start to water and soon a few is falling and she just says "It's you. You're her."

I just nod.

"You are incredible...but this means.."
Vera says not bothering to say what it really means which is that they are after me and won't stop until I'm dead or they have me but I just give her a nod with a sad smile.

"I'm sorry for not doing anything back then. I didn't know how to fight but I could've tried harder. I've carried guilt for years. I've even wondered what you were doing now and if you were alive and if you escaped."
Vera says still lightly crying

"Vera, I'm okay. There wasn't anything you could've done outside of probably have gotten yourself killed. Now you know I escaped and that I'm doing fine. I still have the nightmares from the haunting memories and a few scars but I'm fine now. I'm happy." I tell her

She gives me a smile and says "This time if you need anything or if I or Stefan can help in anyway just tell me and we'll do it."

"I appreciate it." I tell her

"Does Luca and the rest of them know?"
Vera asks seeming hesitant to ask

"I'm the one who killed Anatoly. Marco, Lorenzo, and Diego know they are after me. Luca knows a version of the story but in that version I was mainly just traumatized and raped which I couldn't remember because of a stupid wild night at the club...which is true but in the version I told Luca I escaped the next morning which you and I know is not true. It only got worse as the days went on and I didn't want any of them to know about my darkest moments. I considered myself hopeless and broken the last few days before I got out. I didn't want them to know that. I don't want pity and I don't want them to act like they have to tip toe around me as if I'm some kind of princess who is made of glass because even if I am a mafia princess I'm made of freaking steal." I tell her

She nods and wipes her tears and says "I don't pity you for a second. I admire you so much. I admired you before I knew who you really were."

I just nod and say "Thank you. Now we have to get going because I have to be back home I set a timer that way in case something happened they would know."

"That's smart." Vera says as we stand up and get our purses and we start walking out of the restaurant but before we do I immediately get a  bad feeling.

I have always trusted my gut so I held my purse tightly and the grabbed the gun inside of it.

"Vera, act natural, try and remain calm for the baby, and stay beside me unless I tell you to run." I tell Vera seriously and sounding commanding.

I didn't mean to but by the looks of it she's going to obey it because she nods her head and walks closer to me and I can see the freaking out behind her eyes but she composes herself.
I already see watchers waiting for us.

I reach into my purse and grab the syringe hidden in there I plunge it into my upper arm and hid it back into the purse.

"What was that?" Vera asks quietly

"A safety precaution." I tell her

We both take a deep breath before we walk out the restaurant and when we do let me just tell you I knew right then and there I was walking and sending myself straight to my own personal hell.

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