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•{ Tori's POV }•

I woke up this morning and untangled myself from Luca to go to the bathroom. I did it successfully without waking him up. Then my phone signed signaling I had a miss call.

I grab my phone and walk back into the bathroom to see who it is. It's an unknown number before I can decide to call it back or block the number my phone starts vibrating and I realize the unknown number is calling again. I hesitate but answer.

"Hello." I answer

"Tori?" I hear the voice of a woman that sounds familiar

"Yes. Vera?" I ask

"Yes. You said to find a way to contact you if I ever remembered the name Victoria. After thinking about it non stop and even getting sleepless nights I finally remembered. I asked my husband to help me get your number we found it from when you worked in New York and I was praying it was still the same.
Can we meet up for breakfast? I won't tell my husband." Vera explains and asks

"Okay but tell your husband just don't let him send any men with you in case they are traitors. I'll meet you in your outside of your estate in about forty minutes." I reply

"Ok I'll be ready." Vera says

I hang up the phone and quietly go out of the bathroom and I see Luca still asleep. I quietly sneak out of his room and go to mine making sure no one sees me. When I get to my room I quickly take a shower, fix my hair, and throw on a little makeup. I slip on a black dress with black and gold heels knowing Vera will be dressed up. I grab my purse and start making my way for the front door. I finally reach the door when I hear a voice.

"Now where do you think you are going?"
But luckily it was the voice of Greta

"I'm going to pick up and go have a needed breakfast with Vera. Stefan Lombardi's wife. I need you to keep it a secret because it's more of a personal meeting than a mafia one. So please." I explain quickly and quietly

"It's not safe for you to go alone." Greta says

"I won't be. I'll have Vera." I say

Greta gives me a look as if to say she won't be much help.

"I'll be okay and in case something does go wrong tell Luca to remember I'm always in control and then give him this.." I say and then hand her a piece of paper

"A piece of paper with random numbers on it?"
Greta asks unsure

"Just trust me and remember to tell Luca that but only do it if something goes wrong." I say

"How will I know if something goes wrong?" Greta asks

"You've been with the mafia for a while, you might just get a feeling ; but in case I can't send a sign to you if I'm not back in an hour and half then something went wrong." I tell her

Greta hugs me and says "Come back to us."

"I will one way or another." I say quietly and then I leave the mansion in one of their sports cars then I head to pick up Vera.

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