Sempiternal {Yoriichi Tsugikuni}

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✦ Manga spoilers, female reader

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Manga spoilers, female reader.

Sempiternal: eternal and unchanging; everlasting.


The afternoon sun shone on the figure of a young man with pink eyes, who tried to cover them a little with the palm of his right hand. Almost arriving at his destination, he was able to witness the place he was heading to, passing through the golden rice and wheat fields in autumn. It was a small house that served as an orphanage. Tanjiro was surrounded by the characteristic warmth of seeing children play happily, without any worries about the world. His blood boiled just thinking that some demon slayer had been disappearing near the area, and that if it were the work of a demon, those children would meet a terrible fate.

As he got closer, he detected the essence of a demon from the person dressed with a simple kimono who hanged white sheets in the shade provided by the building. He clenched his jaw and ran at full speed towards the demon girl, prepared to cut her head off. Before he could do so, the demon, you, turned your head in the direction of the young man with a crimson mark tattoed on his forehead, your face turned pale in a second.


He stopped dead on his tracks, eyes widenning at the mention of said person. You shook your head several times.

"N-No, I'm sorry, I mistook you for someone else" you told him, placing the palm of your hand on top of your chest.

He perceived it again: the demon scent. Only this time, he noticed it was different, as if you had taken many lives, yet remained with a gentle heart. He put his sword back in its sheath, determined to ask you some questions and aware of having scared the kids with his sudden attack.

"Who are you? What do you know about Yoriichi?"

Your heart jolted and you yelped at his firm composture. He was asking you that which you had burried deep within your soul, not wanting to think about it again. With a sigh, you offered him to sit down and listen to you.

"I see you have a demon with you" you commented, sitting down in front of him.

Tanjiro frowned.

"Don't worry. You aren't the first demon slayer who has protected a demon."

He was visibly confused by your words. You poured tea in a teacup and gave it to him.

"It was long ago, farther away in time than you can imagine..."

The demon in front of you growled at the man with long black-to-red hair that stood tall against him. You would've missed the moment in which the man cut your demon master's head off if you had blinked. His presence was null, calm, as if he were a vegetable. Tears were forming in your eyes, making it difficult to see him, your savior. You thought he was going to kill you too, but before he could do so, he collapsed in front of you.

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