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"Hey. I'm giving you something." Jin told Moonbyul when they met before Jin left for their bon voyage. Moonbyul felt goosebumps when Jin brought a ring out of his pocket. She doesn't know what to do.

"Wh-what?" She asked him pretending she didn't see the ring yet.

"Moonbyul, I mean Byul-yi."

"Hmm?" She didn't look to Jin, he then held both of Moonbyul's arms to face him. Moonbyul got startled.

He showed her the ring.

"A-A ring? Wh-what are you doing?"

"I'm just giving you this, not because I am proposing. But to let people know you're dating me. Don't lose this, I want you to wear this wherever you're going."


"It's not bad to give my girlfriend a present, even though it's not our anniversary, your birthday or mine." He said. He handed her the ring, Moonbyul stared at it.

"Thank you, Jin." She wore it. Jin smiled at her, Moonbyul hugged him from his back. "You're leaving for your bon voyage?"

Jin nodded.


Let's talk when you return, and you're free.

Jin read Dahyun's message, he didn't replied to her because JHope is already calling him.

"You okay?" RM asked him.

"Is it about your girlfriend?" Suga asked. Jin shook his head.

"I received a message from Dahyun, it's making me nervous. It's nothing, don't mind me." Jin started grilling meat for the members.

JHope was singing when he went inside the tent where Jungkook is staying, he saw him remove his sweater and he saw his tattoos.

"Ooh, Jungkook-ah. Your tattoos looks so hot." JHope chuckled. Jungkook didn't mind him.

"Gonna go pee." He excused and went out of the tent.

"Removing his sweater? It's cold outside." JHope said to his self.


"Tell me, eonni." Dahyun held Moonbyul's hand with the ring.

"Just sleep, you're very talkative when getting drunk."

"No, nooooo!" Dahyun sat up and leaned back. "I'm dizzy, come here." Dahyun pulled her, touching Moonbyul's ring. "Is this diamond? Are you marrying my brother???"

"I already told you about this earlier, sleep. I'll go get blankets from the bedroom." Moonbyul removed Dahyun's hand from her. She returned with blankets and pillows with her.

"Are you staying here? Stay with me eonni, I don't want to be alone tonight."

"Okay, alright. I'm staying here with you, I can't leave you here. Jin didn't know we had drink, sleep." Moonbyul caressed Dahyun's hair and covered her with a blanket.



"I have something to ask." Dahyun fixed her pillow. "If Jin oppa will ask you to marry him, will you say yes? With all this, his success with his group, fans are not against your relationship with him. They know Jin oppa is in his right age to have a family for a normal person."

"For a normal person, Dahyun. For Idol like us, it is too early."

"Just engage, you know. He's entering military soon, after he got discharged. It doesn't mean that if you marry each other, you'll have to create a family and have kids, it's just to make sure both of you are really for each other until the end. I really want you to be one of my family, eonni."

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