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Shouts and loud banging could be heard echoing throughout the manor. The loud battle cry of a certain cowboy ringing through everyone's ears as the people who sat at the dinner table sweat dropped.

"He's at it again, isn't he?" A small brunette asked the football player whom had just walked into the room, earning a tired nod from him.

His dark hair bobbed with the movement his head made, his dark skin tone glistening in the light that the candles provided.

William Ellis, a very energetic young man who's passion was football.

"Yep." He replied, his hand rubbing the back of his neck as he moved it from side to side in hopes of cracking the never ending pain out of it. "He's pushing it onto y/n."

"I SAID LEAVE MY LEGS ALONE YOU ANIMAL." Your voice cried out loud and clear, the loud noise of a door slamming shut sounding out throughout the building before another battle cry and a thud were heard.

"Let's just hope he didn't make her uncomfortable..." a brown haired male laughed, his owl resting on his shoulder as he walked next to the two.

"I'd really doubt she'd let him do that. She may seem weak but believe me that girl is stronger that a whole club of body builders." William chuckled, memories of when you tackled him when playing football with him flooding his mind.

"I just hope she finds her soulmate soon so he'll stop bothering her..." the small woman known as Emily sighed.

Soulmates weren't uncommon. Being able to find your special one through the magic power of matching bruises, cuts and scratches that would linger on both bodies. The manor wasn't any different. If anything, it was a hotspot for the people that were invited to this damned game to meet their one and only.

Sadly, you weren't like the others. You had yet to meet the one.

And as if luck had it against you, Kevin Ayaso the manor's pervert, hadn't found his either.

And thats what lead to now.

Your loud footsteps thudded heavily towards the dinning room as William sweat dropped.

"She's angry now..."

"Of course she is." Eli Clark sighed, his owl hooting on his shoulder.

The dinning room doors were harshly thrown open as you stomped in. Walking past the table and towards the kitchen you shot a small 'sorry' to everyone whom either chuckled or shook their heads with a smile.

"He's a lot to deal with. We get it, no need to apologise." Vera Nair, a beautiful lady whom was wearing too much perfume for anyone's good in the room, smiled as you walked past her.

Hurried footsteps were heard just outside of the dinning room as your eyes widened before they watched you run into the kitchen.

"Please don't tell him I'm here!" You squealed as the others chuckled.

Not a second later Kevin ran in, his head whipping around in search for you.

"Looking for someone?" Kreacher Pierson asked, his hat tipping to the side as he threw an arm around the panting males shoulder.

"Y/n." He announced to the room whom acted confused. "Is she here? Or did you see her?"

Kreacher scratched his head before shrugging. "I didn't. And I doubt anyone else here did. Maybe she ran to the hunters side? You know she's close with them." He replied nonchalantly as he began walking towards his seat on the table. "Go check there before coming back to eat. Call her over if you see her."

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