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I came back from my meeting with the high priest Lord Armil, who was a childhood friend of mine. As per the information received from one of the deployed spies, there is a traitor in the inner court. Someone who is sharing our secrets with the Hittites. I was shocked to hear it and I knew I had to react quickly. I sent the high priest to speak with Mentus and start a secret search for the traitor. The meeting took longer than expected and it was nearly dawn when I reached my chambers. I found Nefertari fast asleep.... She had not changed into her night gown.She had been waiting for me. At that moment I felt so thankful for having her by my side, someone so understanding and loving.

I woke up late that morning, to find Nefertari had arranged for my royal robe and other matching Jewelry and made arrangements for my breakfast and had departed to the harem's inner court for her royal duties. I was proud of her. She was one of the best Queens , Egypt had ever seen. I dressed up and had my breakfast alone, and walked into the harem. I stopped the guards in announcing my arrival as I needed to observe the happenings. Nefertari was busy solving arguments and she was looking so graceful in her beige and white robe that had a deep cut in the front and back with her hair braided with golden threads and jewelry.

Looking around I realized that out of all my consorts, some of the most powerful ones were missing at the inner court. When I questioned the guard about it, he said they never attend the court matters. I was furious at the disrespect that they have been showing their queen and I was even more hurt that Nefertari didn't share this matter with me. I left the harem , boiling in anger as I knew this was a plan to show that Nefertari was not capable of using authority .

I got my servant to deliver a message to the three royal consorts that were missing from the meeting. Ambuli, Shevna and Ivy ,3 consorts from the strongest families in Egypt are wielding their powers against my Nefertari and I had to step in. I sent them an invite to dine with me today in my private garden. I'm sure that they would be delighted as I have not met them for at least 3 years now.

Later that evening I walked to the garden to find that the 3 consorts had already arrived at the garden

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Later that evening I walked to the garden to find that the 3 consorts had already arrived at the garden. They all bowed their heads and showed their respect and sat around the table. I noticed their futile efforts to seduce me with see through outfits and continuous flirting, as if I'll even think about it when I have all I ever need, My Nefertari.

"How was the morning meeting today?What were the highlights?" I asked casually , without signaling my presence at the meeting.

"It was fine" "It was okay..... Just the usual things were discussed" they said in unison. I couldn't believe my ears. Not only they disrespected the queen by ignoring her presence in the court , they had the nerve to lie about it to their Pharaoh.

"Don't you dare lie to me..... how could you know what happened at the meeting when you were not there, you 3 have been omitting the meeting to wield your power against the Queen. It's because of her mercy that I didn't find it out until today."

"Your Majesty, please calm down. We have been avoiding the routine morning meeting because we have the capability of handling our own problems and as we have prior experience in sorting these things. We were trained in these matters from our childhood. We don't need the queen to help sort things" stated Ambuli.

"Shut your mouth up... It is I who decide how the power is wielded in my Kingdom and it is my decision that you obey Nefertari at all costs. Put your ego aside and bow your heads in front of her . If you don't do as I say, I will take the heads of all your family members. Do you understand?"

"Yes , your Majesty"

Before the start of the meeting I sent my servant to call Nefertari to the garden when the moon is high. Just as my conversation ended with the consorts, Nefertari's arrival was announced. Nefertari was surprised to see them seated around me, I think she felt the tension in the air too. She stood still when I announced " I want all 3 of you to go on your knees and kiss her hand and accept her as your Queen". They did as they were told but with gritting teeth. I'm guessing they didn't want to further anger their Pharaoh. When they left the garden, Nefertari came and sat beside me nodding her head in disapproval of what I did but deep down I was completely satisfied,  for I got a chance to break their egos and help Nefertari indirectly.

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------I hope you like the story so far . Ramses is crazy about Nefertari but a lot of shit is coming their way.

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