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Nefertari's P.O.V

Being in the arms of the love of my life,  makes me feel so protected. Sese has always stood by my side no matter what the powerful courtiers argued in the presence of the court. He believed in me , and looked over the fact that my father was a traitor of the kingdom. He cherishes me from the bottom of his heart and I love him more than my own life. I wouldn't think twice before laying my life for him.

I can still vividly remember how he proposed marriage to me. He arranged for us to have dinner at the banks of Nile and he kept on talking of our relationship and how much he needs me by his side. Creating the perfect atmosphere, Sese went down on his knee and proposed to me , with his eyes filled with tears. I bent down and caught his lips in a kiss before, giving him my yes. He put the gold ring with the sign of a serpent on to my finger and kissed me passionately and told me only I have the right to be known as his Great Royal Wife, the Queen of the Nile.

I took a step back to look at the man that means the world to me. I helped him out of his Pharaohic head gear and his royal robe and admired how handsome he looked. The thick black eye liner made his green eyes sparkle and his bald head and muscular figure made him the most handsome man I have ever seen. I heard rumors that he is an evil king , whose anger knows no bounds. I know that he is quite strict in political matters but I have always been able to help him cool down before he takes rash decisions. Sese always says that one look at me helps him calm down but he is afraid that one day if he loses his temper on me , how he would react. There would be no one to calm him down. I pray that such a day would never dawn upon us...

We had our dinner and spoke of the details that Mentus had shared regarding our Hittite spies. Sese was at ease,  as everything around the country was peaceful and he was loved by his citizens and the neighboring countries considered him to be a powerful monarch. The custom of Egypt is that as soon as a Pharaoh is chosen his burial tomb is prepared. The same goes to the Great Royal Queen. The work of my tomb was personally inspected by Sese and as the rules state, I'm never allowed to visit it. I questioned him about the progress of my tomb ;

"When would the tomb be completed?"

"Soon enough darling.... The architects needs some time to match the interiors with my tomb....I especially chose to have your tomb next to mine so that even in our afterlife we would be together and we will be known even in history as inseparable"

"It's almost 2 years since the work started.... Who knows if the need for the tomb comes and if the tomb is still a work in progress , then it would be a problem" I stood up and walked towards the balcony to see the reflection of the sun set on the Nile River.

There was a silence and I felt bad for talking of the need for the tomb as it broke the heart of Sese.I walked towards him and sat on the ground to look at his face and realized that his eyes were red from the brimming tears.I kissed him on his cheek and told him " What is this Sese? You are the world's greatest King, but the talk of my death brings tears to your eyes. How will you manage if I'm really gone ?"

"I cannot live without you Nefertari. You should know by now that you mean to me more than anything in the world, than my kingdom , than my own life. Ever since I laid my eyes on you , I have not wanted any other consorts. I have not taken anyone after you and you know it. Waking up and seeing you resting next to me makes me way more happier than expanding my kingdom. I have made the tomb only because it's a custom that has been passed down to us , but I will never allow you to die and be buried before me. Just the thought of your death angers me, Neferatri. Please never mention it again."

I wiped the tears that were brimming in my eyes and captured his lips in a passionate kiss. He kissed me back and started to slowly take off my head gear and other jewelry while I was sitting on his lap.I moved my hand on his bald head when he started to lay wet kisses down my shoulder blade. He had a difficulty in removing my dress and he tore open it , out of frustration. He then took my nipple into his mouth as he played with the other boob. He was grunting in arousal when we heard a knock on the door.

"who the hell is it?" he asked in complete anger.

"Your Majesty, The high priest Lord Armil wishes to have an audience with you. He says it's urgent" replied the guard at the door. Sese ignored what the guard said and wanted to continue but I grabbed his head and made him look at me. "I will be here when you come back Sese. Go meet Lord Armil. He wants an audience with you this late , that means it's quite important. Ill be right here when you come back. Go now" I walked to the table and took his head gear and made him wear it . I draped the robe around his neck and kissed him on the lips and ushered him to the door. He left annoyed with Lord Armil but it would not last long as Lord Armil is a friend of Sese, just like Lord Mentus.

I went to bed thinking how much I love this crazy little boy hidden under the arrogant pharaoh.

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