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jeongin tried shaking seungmin awake as his breath became shaky. seungmin got up quickly rubbing his eyes, "jeongin, it's three am. is everything okay?" seungmin said clearing his throat. jeongin couldn't speak just holding onto seungmin tight. seungmin knew exactly what was going on. jeongin was having an anxiety attack.

"jeongin," seungmin whispered as he felt jeongin shaking in his arms. "shhhh, it's okay. hyung is here now." seungmin said holding jeongin close. he could feel jeongin slowly regaining his breath and jeongin calming down. "m' so sorry seungmin.." jeongin whimpered in the embrace. "don't worry jeongin it's alright that's why i'm here." seungmin comforted him.

"do you want to sleep with me tonight?" seungmin asked and jeongin nodded. "okay, lay down and i'll sing you to sleep is that okay?" seungmin said softly and jeongin hummed as seungmin tucked him in the sheets. "comfy?" seungmin smiled and jeongin nodded. seungmin layed next to the younger and began to stroke his hair and sang a soft lullaby until jeongin fell asleep.

.*+.*.。   ゚+..*+

jeongin awoke. it was saturday meaning no school for the two of them. jeongin got up to brush his teeth, and lazily brushed his hair in place. he quickly walked downstairs to the kitchen to see his parents cooking breakfast. his father turned to see jeongin a little tired, "morning jeongin. did you sleep well?" jeongin had flashbacks from last night but shook it off, so and nodded.

"good to hear. there is eggs and toast on the table. do you want anything else?" mr. kim asked. "no it's fine dad. thanks for the food." jeongin smiled as he ate a piece of his toast. "seungmin is taking a shower. your mom had to go to work early, for a meeting." mr. kim said sitting down with his cup of coffee. jeongin hummed as he ate more. but then he stopped, he stopped chewing.

"why are you eating? spit it out!" a voice in jeongin's head shouted loudly. jeongin quickly put the piece of toast down on the plate not eating anymore. "dad i'm full." jeongin said, now feeling guilty. "are you sure? i can make more." mr. kim raised a brow. jeongin nodded getting up. "i think i'm gonna go to the library today..." jeongin said to his father. mr. kim hummed and jeongin walked upstairs.

the younger quickly changed into a warm crew neck sweater, along with ripped blue jeans and white vans. he grabbed his phone, earbuds and his bag before going downstairs. "you don't need to drive me, i'll just take the bus." jeongin told his dad. "alright, text me if you need anything." mr. kim replied, before jeongin walked out the door to the nearest bus stop outside.

just at his luck a bus was already there, loading people on board. jeongin quickly got on and sat in the very back. his stomach growled, but jeongin pressed down trying to ignore the feeling he felt. "don't eat." jeongin told himself in his head again. jeongin finally arrived at the library and quickly went to the teen-fiction section of the library to find himself a book to read. after a very quick few minutes jeongin went to read his book and put in his ear buds.

there his stomach went again growling, but jeongin ignored it. for the next few minutes everything was alright until jeongin's hunger became unbearable. "you can't eat, don't do it jeongin." jeongin kept repeating to himself in his head over and over again. after an hour jeongin finally had enough and figured he needed to get a drink at least for himself or he feared he might pass out.

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