All About Conversational Marketing with Salesforce

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What is Conversational Marketing?

Conversational Marketing is the fastest way to move buyers through your marketing and sales funnels via real-time conversations. It builds relationships and creates authentic experiences with buyers and customers. Conversational Marketing is the best way to start real-time conversations!

Instead of compelling people to go through lead capture forms and wait for days to receive a response, conversational marketing uses targeted messaging and intelligent chatbots to connect with people when they are on your website.

People love communicating via messages because it is fast, easy, and feels like a conversation. Hence, it is not surprising that 90% of consumers want to use messages/texts to communicate with businesses.

Implementing conversational marketing does not imply that you have to erase all your existing marketing and communication methods and start from scratch. It is the fastest way to move buyers through your marketing and sales funnel. It is more like initiating a new lead-generation channel that can complement your existing marketing strategies.

The conversational Framework comprises of 3 steps:

ENGAGE- engage more leads with chat instead of forms.

UNDERSTAND- understand leads and what they want in minutes instead of days.

RECOMMEND- Recommend the right next step to move leads through your funnel.

Key benefits of Conversational Marketing:

You can create a more human buying experience.

You get to learn a lot about your customers.

You convert more leads with better potential.

You can shorten your sales circle.

You can grow your sales pipeline.

Conversational marketing gives companies a clear picture of which prospects are on their website, and the tools they will require to have real-time, meaningful conversations that can convert into pipeline.

Conversational marketing software allows your marketing and sales team to get better and in-depth visibility into what is happening on your website. They get to create custom experiences for your most qualified prospects through lead data, instant communication, bots, chat, and embedded voice-calls. It is a potent add-on to the tech stack for many B2B businesses because it helps marketing teams to engage with their most qualified prospects in real-time, accelerate sales cycles, and close more deals.

Why should you use Conversational Marketing?

The buying and selling landscape is changing, and buyers are beginning to expect a level of customer experience as high as online giants like Amazon. They hope to receive what they want whenever they want it. Research says that it usually takes an average of 4.3 days for sales reps to schedule a meeting with a prospect after you submit an original web form. During this time, 39% of qualified leads end up choosing another vendor. Studies show that 50 per cent of sales go to the vendors that respond first.

The essential criteria on which the connection with the hottest leads depend include:





Score and Grade

Website Behaviour


Once the technology identifies a qualified-lead on their website, sales can proactively reach out to initiate a conversation. It quickly creates meaningful connections. Conversational marketing transforms the corporate website into a platform for real-time, high fidelity sales conversations with potential prospects.

How does Conversational Marketing work?


Determine buying intent by evaluating factors like campaign attribution, browsing patterns, demographic and firmographic data from systems like Salesforce Pardot and Salesforce CRM. You can also leverage bots to ask qualifying questions and help identify sales-ready visitors or book meetings for sales-ready visitors.


Engage in a real-time, personalized conversation with the website visitors that you consider as potential leads via chat, screen sharing, voice calls, targeted CTAs.


After you have captured data from your website visitors, logged the conversation details, and synced it to your CRM, you can create leads and opportunities right from the users' online experience. It helps you build pipeline and progress deals more quickly.

How should you use Conversational Marketing with Marketing Automation?

Conversational Marketing brings the best results when it is integrated with your marketing automation platform. The two solutions together enable you to get a 360-degree view of your leads, so that you can effectively qualify and convert them.

Lead Intelligence-

Conversational Marketing Data, combined with marketing automation data, gives you a 360-degree view of your potential customers. Sales reps track how their prospects engage with every digital asset, and also your website, empowering them to have contextual lead conversions.

Lead Qualification-

You can leverage marketing automation data to enhance your qualification engine and identify the valuable website visitors.

Account-Based Marketing-

If you are establishing your account-based marketing data in your marketing automation platform, you can approach target accounts by names just when they land on your website. You should instantly direct them to the appropriate account owner for a real-time sales meeting with your most important accounts.

Who should be the ones using Conversational Marketing?

You can consider and relate the following attributes to your business to identify whether conversational marketing works well for you:

You want to drive prospects to your corporate website.

You have an in-house team of sales reps.

You have sufficient resources to staff this new marketing channel.

You are trying to generate more pipeline and revenue through your website and digital platforms.

You want to accelerate deal cycles through online channels.

Steps to implement a Conversational Marketing Strategy:

Assemble your stakeholders.

Define and recognize qualified prospects.

Train your sales reps suitably.

Define how success for your entity looks for you.

Map out and track the experience of visitors.


Qualified for Salesforce Pardot makes the marketing and sales handoff immediate and seamless. Instead of taking to traditional processes via forms and follow-ups, Qualified connects your sales team with hot leads in real-time, the moment they land on your website.

With Qualified, you can identify qualified leads 24/7 based on the rules that matter to you.

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