Epilogue 1

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Hinawakan ni Steffanie nang mahigpit ang kamay ni Gareth.

"Are you sure about this?" wika nito. She could see how tensed he was.

She gave him an assuring nod. "As sure as I'll ever be Gareth."

Huminga ito nang malalim. His amber eyes expressed his every fear. The window of his soul told his hesitations.

"I trust you Gareth. If this will be the last moment that I'll ever see the light of this world, then so be it. I have Kylie and your face embedded in my mind already."

She was lying on the hospital bed right now, only seconds away from scheduled eye surgery. Apparently, Gareth and his team were able to cure a case of Retinitis Pigmentosa. Her brilliant prince charming had once proven his worth.

Nang malaman niya ito, she convinced him to do the same procedures they made to her. She wanted to be cured of this ailment of hers. At alam niyang nasa mabuting kamay siya.

She fully trusted Gareth. She's the love of her life. If there's someone whom she'll feel comfortable with, it'll be Gareth and no one else.

"Let's go?" he said.

Pinasadahan nya muna ito ng tingin. Kung talagang tuluyan na siyang mabubulag, nais niyang si Gareth and huling taong kanyang makikita.

He looked gorgeous in his scrubs. She had seen him a lot of times already, but this look of him suited him fully. He truly looked dashing in this. He was now her prince charming and her personal surgeon. Life cannot be better than this.

Kaya ngayon, naririto na siya. She'll brave this odd once and for all. She wanted to live her life to the fullest, for Gareth, for Kylie. She didn't want anything that would hold her back anymore. She wanted to be free from this disease.

"I'm ready, my love."

Isang tango lamang ang sinagot nito. His team of nurses immediately brought her to the operating room.

Wala nang atrasan ito. This it.

And with everything that she had, she put her fate on the hands of her beloved.

Never in Gareth's career as a medical practitioner did he felt this tensed. Sa kanyang propesyon, walang lugar ang kaba. Everything should be perfect. No flaws. No mistakes. Isang pagkakamali nya lamang ay maaaring buhay ang kapalit.

Ngunit sa pagkakataong ito, baka paningin na ng kanyang pinakamamahal ang maging kapalit.

He inhaled sharply.

"I believe in you, my prince," bulong ni Steff habang dinadala ito sa Operating Room.

He was speechless. Several things were still running through his mind. Hinigpitan na lamang niya ang hawak sa kamay nito.

He needed to calm down. His Cinderella needed him. She trusted him.

"I'll rid you of that disease, sweetheart. Don't worry."

He found courage in his own words. He's one of the most brilliant surgeon in Pendragon. Sa katunayan nga, ang kanyang team ang kauna-unahang nakagamot sa Retinitis Pigmentosa.

"I know."

He looked at her. She was smiling. Her blue eyes were full of hope.

Then, as if suspended in time, he gave her a chaste kiss on the lips.

"I love you," he uttered.

"I love you more."

Those were the last words that Steff uttered as they ushered her to the OR.

His team began to work. And that was his queue to rid himself of all the unnecessary things in his mind. He needed to focus. He needed to get his head in the game.

Several minutes later and they already started to do what they do best.

"Has anaesthetics been induced?" he asked his anaesthesiology.

"It's good doc."

He closed his eyes and uttered a silent prayer.

This is for you, sweetheart. I will never let the darkness cover you. You'll see our kids grow together, and you'll still see my wrinkly old face, he vowed.

So with his god-given knack. He started to weave magic in his hands.

It was the fastest twelve hours in Steffanie's life. She just fell asleep and after a few hours, everything was finished.

Darkness now engulfed her. Everything was just pitch black.

"Are you ok?" came a voice that she most earnestly yearn to hear.

"Thank you, Gareth." She said.

She felt his lips on her forehead.

"The operation was successful. We just need to wait one month."

Gustong maglulundag ng puso niya sa tuwa. She knew he could do it. At hindi siya binigo nito.

"If it wasn't for the anaesthetics, I would have kissed you already."

And truth be told. She was still weak.

"Don't tempt me, sweetheart," he said.

She let out a chuckle.

"Any other wish?" he said.

"Just stay with me tonight. Stay with me. I don't any light as long as you are here."

The she felt him lay beside her on the bed. His arms snaked on her waist habang ipinapaling nito ang kanyang ulo sa dibdib nito..

"I'll be your pillow tonight, sweetheart."

"Just for tonight?" paglalambing niya dito.

"Again, don't tempt me woman. You still have fresh wounds. And besides, you're looking forward to an eternity beside me." His baritone voice was lulling her to sleep. It made her relax.

"I'm glad to hear that." She said sleepily. Then once again, she fell asleep inside his arms, wrapped in a passionate and loving embrace.

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