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Finally, after a long journey and conversations about how the Akatsuki is affiliated with both Sasuke and Naruto, we made it to the Sand Village. Once we had reached the entrance, two men started guiding us to Kankuro, who was apparently hurt after pursuing Gaara's kidnappers. Sakura volunteered to fix him because no one had the ability to do so according to the guides. This was to be expected, as she was trained by Tsunade.

Upon reaching the room, an old woman immediately set her eyes on Kakashi as he came into view in the opening of the room.

"You jerk!" She ran at him. And old lady is running at Kakashi. A small laugh erupted from me as he eyes widened in surprise while he spouted a sound in his bewilderment of the oncoming woman. "Prepare yourself!"

Naruto jumped in front of the man, creating shadow clones to block her, only for her to skillfully escape his counterattacks, sliding back on the tiled floor. "What're you suddenly pouncing on Kakashi-Sensei like that?" his shadow clone asked before imploding. "You old hag!" the real Naruto added on.

She kept a defensive stance and she stated her next words, a glare on her face, "I'll never forget what you did back then. White Fang of the Leaf, I shall avenge my son's death by defeating you today!"


Well once that was cleared up, Sakura got to working on Kankuro. Naruto and Kakashi cleared from the room and I stayed as Sakura ordered, saying I could be of help later. I stood next to Temari as she checked what he may be poisoned with. She asked for a list of ingredients, and I helped gather them as quickly as possible, given the fact that he could die at any moment according to her. I had spoken with Kankuro enough times to appreciate his existence.

After she assembled the liquid for the operation, she asked everyone to hold him still. Of course, they didn't do it right the first time when she began the operation, even when she just told them to do so.


It took a while, but she had extracted most of the toxins from his body. She walked off to create the antidote for his damaged organs while Naruto and I stayed in the room. Eventually, Kankuro had woken up and began explaining that he had taken a piece of cloth which Kakashi could use to track down Gaara's whereabouts. The silver haired man summoned Pakkun, sending him and his pack off with the scent of his capturer.

"Naruto," Kankuro muttered after taking the antidote Sakura completed, "Please take care of my little brother."

Naruto grinned, "I will."

The puppeteer looked towards me next, a small smile on his face, "Make sure you're there too, I'm sure he'll be glad to see you again." I nodded and Kakashi ushered us from the room and into where we would be sleeping for the night.

"Hey, what'd he mean by Gaara would be glad to see you?" Naruto asked, looking towards me as we walked down the hallway.

Sakura hit him over the head and moved to walk beside me, "Maybe because he's kidnapped right now?" I chuckled at her comment, her cheeks flaring up slightly once I did, her eyes looking away from me.

"Sakura, you really improved over the years. That was impressive work," I stated, keeping my eyes on her. Her lips formed a smile and she made eye contact with me, eyes shining in pride.

"Thank you, Hitori. I'm glad I was able to save him today," she replied, looking forward again. A woman led her to another room for her to sleep and both Naruto and I waved a goodnight to her as she left. Kakashi, Naruto, and me were all given a room together, three beds provided covered by green sheets and a pillow. I claimed one as my own while the others did the same.

Naruto began to change into a separate pair of clothes while Kakashi for some reason decided that he would be sleeping with his same clothes on. Even his vest. I removed my weapons pouch and my headband, sleeping with everything else on. We would be heading on a mission first thing tomorrow so I cannot waste any time.

Naruto came and sat beside my bed when I was laying down, staring at the ceiling. I shifted so I was sitting up facing him. He grinned at me, uttering, "I can't sleep either."

"It's difficult, knowing Gaara is with the Akastuki," I said, a frown on my lips. He moved to sit beside me on the bed, laying his back on it with his legs dangling over the edge. I imitated him, laying next to him.

"Yea, I know. But if we don't sleep, we might not be at full energy or something tomorrow, right?"

"Not me."

".. ok, maybe you're right, but still. Sleeping is good. Right?" I made a sound of discontent in response, to which he chuckled at. "Right?" He repeated.

"Yes." I said. Sleeping is definitely something the human body needs. But to what extent, I am not aware, thus I will agree with him.

"Hitori, do you like Gaara? Do you like Kiba? What about Sakura?" Naruto suddenly questioned, rolling to his side and looking at my side profile.

I nodded, "I do like them."

He let out an exaggerated sigh. "Maybe these are dumb priorities in this kind of situation anyway. I don't deserve for you to understand what I meant by that," he complained, "but it doesn't help for us to worry about something we can't control right now. I just don't want to think about it until Kakashi finally gives us the ok to get to him."

I smiled slightly and rolled onto my side to look directly at him. He blushed and stared at me. His face is very close. "You're right. We should sleep, after all, worrying about it isn't changing anything," I hummed. Naruto grinned at me, his marked cheeks turning a bit redder. He looked like he was about to do something before the voice of a forgotten silver haired male spoke.

"Can you guys shut up? Go have a moment somewhere else. Don't make me have to experience it," Kakashi grunted from across the room, given that my bed was on the opposite wall of his. Naruto, having completely forgotten about his old sensei, fell onto the floor, his face cherry colored. Kakashi laughed at him while the blonde dragged himself to his own bed.

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