Chapter 1

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"Please don't do this I'll change I swear I will wear brighter clothes, I will smile more I'll even dye my hair blonde and wear blue contacts please don't reject me Ethan"

I begged helplessly on my knees gripping onto my mate's clothes for mercy in hallway of our school surrounded by members of our pack. I had recently found my mate this morning during the opening ceremony for freshmen at our school but what should have been one of the happiest moments in my life turn dark real quick when my mate had informed me that he and my twin Pheobe had just started dating and how he had no intention of leaving her a preppy blonde with beautiful blue eyes and charming personality for gloomy  brunette goth wanabee like me. I felt my heart shatter as he took my hands off him and walked over to my twin sister's waiting arms.

"I am sorry Melanie I didn't mean for this to happen it just did maybe the goddess made a mistake and gave you the wrong mate don't worry I am sure this little incident will resolve itself" Pheobe said sincerely as she turn to leave with my mate.
"You always were a selfish bitch", I laughed out humorously which stop Pheobe who turn to watch me in confusion as to what I was muttering about " first you stole the love of our parents and pack, then you stole my friends now you take my mate and leave me all alone yet I am to accept that No! I won't that the last straw you bitch" I said as I mindlessly charged at her then tackling her to the ground I manage to land a few blows to her face before I was picked up and thrown to the wall at the end of the hallway the impact knocked me out but not before I saw Ethan glaring at me full of hate before assisting my sister off the floor and walking away with her in his arms. When I came to I was in a  cold dark cell probably below the pack house since that is where they kept pack members. I asked the patrolling guard what I was in here for but apparently I was here because of attempted murder on the  future alpha's mate, mate? mate!! I am his mate I am suppose to be Luna not that bitch why is this happening to me did I do something terrible in my last life or something to deserve this lonesome and horrid life I cried to myself in a fetal position in the corner of the cell. I swear Ethan I pray that you and everyone of this miserable pack will suffer a miserable end for what you did to me.

"My my my that's not a nice thing to think now is it but can't say I disagree with you" said a sadistic feminine voice.
"Whose there who said that" I said as I got up and look around the room but there was no one in the cells around me nor guards outside. "who said that" I frantically said as I turned in circles at the female's voice laughing at my efforts to locate her.

"Why dear sister its me ofcourse"  said the voice coming from a basin of bathing water in the corner of my cell I carefully stepped towards the bowl of water cautiously but was given a fright when I saw the water began to take form of a beautiful woman with blue eyes and hair. "Well I must say it took me awhile to find you sister and in the Nick of time too"  she said looking around my cell then stepping out of the bowl and walking towards me in which I responded by taking steps backwards till my back collided with the bars.
"Little sister don't be afraid I am only here to bring you home to our brothers and sister they miss you very much and mother would be so happy to see us together again" she said  gently as reached out and stroke my terrified face.
"Look lady I don't know you and I am not your sister I already have a sister, brother and mother and trust me they all suck and I don't need anymore crappy relatives" I said in a trembling voice trying to be brave.
The beautiful lady release a growl and   proceeded to punch the bars in the cell it cracked from her strength and look like it was about to collapse. I however was terrified not because I was standing in a room with a crazy woman made of water who called me sister but because I made said woman angry. " Listen here and listen well little one those mutts aren't your family they are not your brother nor sister or mother we are and the sooner you remember that the better understand"  I was too scared to respond so I just nodded, the woman gave a sigh of relief "good now come on we gotta go" go! Go where thought to myself "home ofcourse silly now come on drink this by the time your home everything will be much clearer and you will be back to your old self again" I look at the vile wearily it was pitch black and looked sketchy maybe it's poison crazy woman wants to drug or kill me I panicked in my head " firstly it's not poison its your essence and secondly I am not crazy" she said a little offended wait hold up can she hear my thoughts and what the hell is essence? "Yes I can were bonded so we can mindlink like any normal pack since we are a pack so please drink it sister everything will be made clearer and believe me I would never hurt you" I don't know what it was but for some strange reason I trusted what the strange woman had said and drank the vile soon I was engulfed in dark aura and went to sleep as strange images flood my mind.

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