The First Clue

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Chapter 5 : The First Clue

"Sure,"Jack said after Alex asked for a few days off,"not that I'm going to ask you why."


The rest of the day dragged on,and I mean really dragged on,Alex almost fell asleep on the job.

"I'm going to start searching tomorrow,"he said when he got back "home".

"Here,"Dave said as he tossed him a mobile phone,or at least something that looked like a mobile phone.

"What's this?An awsome gadget of some sort?"

"Ye...ah...It's call a mobile phone."

Alex woke up early the next day,leaving a note for Dave before heading out.

"Let's see,first of all I got to get to...London?Who's up for a cross-country trip?"

After a long bus ride,he reached his destionation."Central Park,Central Park,Central Park.Oh,here it is,"he said as he wandered into a deserted park."Into the forest...Forest,trees."he thought.So that's how he spent most of his cross-country trip search.

After searching most of the park,he found a tree with an unnatural dent on its trunk,it was so inobvious that anyone would miss it if they didn't search carefully.He peeled off the top layer of bark to show a third of some sort of emblem."Guess this is the first one,"he thought out loud.

After another annoying long bus ride,he reached back home.There was a note on the door,"Out for some business,NTK -Dave".NTK,need to know basis,what is he up to,Alex thought to himself.He went into the apartment and made himself dinner then went to bed,he looked at the map,there was a long day ahead of him.

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