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"We all have our reason"-Unknown-------------------

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"We all have our reason"

I got onto the blurrg with the help of Mando. I wrapped my arms around Mando's as waist we started to leave.

"Why didn't you tell me." Mando said to me.

"Because I didn't want to start this. You can't do anything Mando. Can we talk about it after?" I said laying my head on his shoulder.

He didn't say anything but wrapped his arm around mine. We arrived to where the target was. I slide off of the blurrg. I started to walk off a bit but I stop when I heard Mando say stop to me. I turned around to look at him.

"That is where you'll find your quarry." Kuiil said to us. Mando grabbed his bag of credits to give to Kuiil but he refuse it.

"Please. You deserve this." Mando said to Kuiil.

"Since these ones arrived, this territory has been an endless stream of mercenaries seeking reward and bringing destruction." Kuiil said looking at ahead then turning to look at Mando.

"Then why did you guide me?" Mando said to Kuill.

"They do not belong here. Those that live here come to seek peace. There will be no peace until they're gone." Kuiil said to us. I turned to look ahead thinking why is this target causing such a fuss.

"Then why do you help?" Mando question Kuiil.

"I have never met a Mandalorian or Jedi. I've only read the stories. If they are true, you both will make quick work of it. Then there will again be peace." Kuiil said looking at us. I turned around when he said Jedi.

"Of course we will." I said putting my cloak and My lightsaber on my belt.

"I have spoken." Kuiil said leaving us.

We walked to the edge of the cliff.

"Lay down. I'm going to scout the area." Mando said getting his telescope out.

"Yes sir." I said rolling my eyes. I Thought like that wasn't what I was about to do. Mando ignored me. I got my blaster out of it's holder. I heard metal hitting the ground and thought Oh you got to be kidding me.

"Oh, no. Bounty Droid." Mando said confirming my thoughts.

"Why can't Greef trust us?" I said getting up from the cliff. I walked off without Mando answering my question or hearing what he sighed about.

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