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Chapter 4 : Searching

Chapter 4 : Searching

"I still need to find 'The Agency',"Alex said,looking at his friend.

"I'll work on it,"Dave replied,reading Alex like an open book.

"Thanks a bunch."

That night,Alex thought out the rest of his plans.All I have to do now,is to find "The Agency",hopefully get some answers,get in to enemy headquaters and destroy their weapon,then I can go home...he thought to himself,as he fell asleep.

The next day,he was working alone."Samantha went on a vacation with her family so it's just you and me these few days,"the shopkeeper Jack explained.

The rest of the day dragged on.Alex found himself playing pieces of music on a guiter in the back of the shop.When he finished playing "Canon" on the guitar,Jack came into the room,clapping.

Alex immediately got embarass,and said "I probably shouldn't be slacking off here-"

"Don't worry,there's pratically nobody out there,"Jack said before Tim could finish."You were great with that guitar,in fact,keep it,"he continued

"I couldn't,it belongs to the shop..."

"Take it as a reward for working here,"Jack said,winking at him.

"Um...Thanks."Alex said as he looked at his brand new guitar.

"Hey,where did you get that?"Dave asked when he saw his friend.

"The shopkeeper gave it to me,not that I wanted it,"Alex said.

"Anyways,"Dave said,rolling his eyes,"I've listening on secret service frequencies and I found out that there are 3 clues to the entrance of 'The Agency'."Dave said as he gave Tim a marked map.

"Awsome,"Alex said as he headed for his room.

"Thanks Dave,what would I do without you?"Dave muttered to himself.

He went through the marked locations over and over again.It seemed that he might need to ask for somedays off to search the places.

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