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Shivaay bring down Anika in his arms and made her sit on the chair beside her.

D. Anika are you ok.

Ani. Yes daksh I'm fine. She smile and held shivaay's hand who is smiling at her. 

Shiv. Anyways daksh I've landed money to those people from whom you had borrowed. So now no one will harm you.

Ani. You did really good shivaay.  Other wise daksh was in tension.

D. Lakin how did you give them.  I mean I would had itself return them.  I hadn't needed your help.

Shiv. Asa kasa you didn't need my help. You always protected Anika  and saved her so if you have fell in problems  then it was my duty to help you. 

D. But this is wrong you didn't even inform me. He shout throwing napkin on the table.

Ani. What's wrong with you daksh.  Shivaay just  helped you and you are lbehaving ike he has murdered you.

D. I know why he is doing this. He wanna kick me out from this house. He want to send me away from you that's why.

Ani. Excuse me what are you saying. 

D. What I'm saying. Don't you understand I love you and I'm here because of you other wise what was the reason of me being here. 

Anika startled and widen her eyes to listening him.

Ani. What did you say

D.   I said I love you and that also since I had seen you first time.  But you didn't even care about me and married with this looser who had left you to carrying his kid. 

Anika look at him shockingly and slap him hard on his face. 

Ani. How dare you to lay bad eyes on me you son of bitch.

D. I didn't lay any bad eyes on you.  I loved you and that also true infect pure then this bastard. Look Anika leave him and come with me. I'll keep you happy.  I promise baby he said holding her hand.

Ani. Move away don't touch me. She shout and hide behind the shivaay.

D.  Oh so you think I'm lying ha. 

Ani. Yes you are lying.  I know that. It was me a fool who didn't see motive of yours behind all those goodness. Shivaay was keep warning me but I didn't pay head to him and kept you in my house forcefully. But I never know that you are snake under this gentleman dress. 

D.  I love you Anika. Don't abuse my love for you. 

Ani. Just shut up ok I belong to only shivaay and always will belong to him only.   She said holding his hand.

D. Oh so you don't love me

Ani.  Never ever

D. Ok so I think I've only one way have left.  He rub his neck like a psycho and pulled her towards him pointing gun on her head.

Shiv. Ooi leave her other wise I'll kill you he roared.

D. And if you come near me then I'll kill her for sure. Because if she can't be mine then I won't let her to be yours. 

Shiv.  You bloody rascal he about to hit him  when daksh fire towards him but fortunately shivaay moved away and bullet hit to the lamp.

Ani. Shivaayy

D.  Now only I've shoot you and if you try to come near me then this bullet will directly hit your so called wife.  Did you get it.

Ani. Shivaay shivaay. She started crying when he started pulling her with him. 

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