A Choice

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"YOU!" Exclaimed Heat Miser, eyes blazing as he turned to face his sibling. "Yes me," said the snowman casually as he strode forward, "you didn't think just because I told you she was here meant I'd let you go see her alone. You're so pushy. And besides," he came up beside me and wrapped an arm around my waist, pulling me into his side. "maybe I find Heidi's company charming as well."

Mother Nature and Mrs. C both looked at each other, my brother let his jaw drop, my heart began to hammer, even faster when he looked at me. "Sorry I left so suddenly." I smiled. "Snowy I-"

"It doesn't matter which one of you loves her, she must return to her home by daybreak or her parents will begin to worry." Declared Mother Nature, everyone kinda sagged upon realizing she was right. If I was to choose between either of them it was now or probably never.

"If it's alright with you Mother Nature, I've already made my choice." Pulling from Snowy grasp, I walked up to Heat Miser with the most gentle smile I could offer.

"Heat Miser, after hearing the story from your mother I can understand what I must mean to you, but I'm afraid I have to turn down your proposal. And you can be as mad as you want with me, but I chose Snowy. He's so considerate and-" I didn't get another word out because that's when Snowy swept me up in his chilly embrace, smiling and laughing while boasting to his brother. I didn't stop him, I probably would've gloated too. He stopped spinning and turned me back around so we were facing each other.

"Oh Heidi, please forgive me for running away like a coward." I smiled sweetly and barely nodded, gazing at him in a whole new light.

"It was you wasn't it? The one that...brought Avery back to me?" He nodded slowly, I placed one hand on his cheek and he almost instantly tilted into it. "You seemed really attached to that bunny, I hope you haven't given her away." "I don't think I ever will now."

"Well now I know I can't complain." We both looked at Heat Miser who hesitated before nodding. "I wish you both the best." He turned away. "Heat Miser?" I called out, he looked back and I smiled. "Florida is a wonderful place." He paused before smiling and disappearing in a cloud of heated air.


So I found my brother and a love I never knew I wanted. But the joy was short-lived because Mother Nature was right; I couldn't stay here, and it was high time my brother and I got back home. With a few hours to spare before Santa came to take the both of us back home, Snowy and I took a stroll around the North Pole.

"I wish I didn't have to go." I childishly whined, Snowy smiled sadly. "Me too Heidi, me too." A sudden realization made me stop walking, he stopped two feet ahead and looked back at me. "What is it?" I took a shaky breath. "Snowy?" "Yes?" I finally met his eyes, my own glossy with upcoming tears.

"I'm probably never going to see you again, am I?" It seemed like forever before he spoke. "You want the honest answer or the one that'll make you feel good?" I broke down crying.

Body racked with sobs and face in my hands, I felt his arms carefully wrap around me and pull me into his embrace. It was nowhere near warm or soft, but my arms wrapped around him and my face buried itself in his chest. When my sobs finally slowed, he took my face in his hands so our eyes met, his thumb thoughtfully stroking my tears away.

"I don't like the idea as much as you do but we both know why we have to do this; you have a home to go back to, a brother who looks up to you." He paused to sniffle and I realized he was crying. "I love you, I truly do, and I believe someday somewhere along the line, we'll meet again and then they'll be nothing to stop us from being together. There's always tomorrow."

I don't think I was really listening until he said those last three words. They went in and awoke an all too familiar melody. Before I could take time to reconsider, I started to sing.

"Better?" He asked, I laughed while wiping a lone tear from my eye. "Much." And we gazed into each other's eyes and gently smiled.

"Heidi!" We both looked to see Noah come charging out. "Santa's here and ready to take us home." My heart sank; this was it, the final frontier.

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