Chapter 2

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8:30 AM

I was sitting in my 2nd period class then the new girl came in damn she was sexy as hell.

"Aight shawty. I'll see you later." She said as she walked in. "Ms. Taylor why are you late?" "I was minding my damn business." She mumbled. "Excuse me?" Mr. Faller said. "I was minding my damn business. The fuck."

"Sit down Ms. Taylor." He said as she sat down next to me. "Wassam partna." she said with a thick new york accent. I chuckled and gave her dap. "Nothing man. Bruh it's your first day and you already cuffed somebody." "Nah I'm bout to though. You know Talia, yeah that's bae right there." She said smiling.

"What's your name." I asked chuckling. "Y/n Taylor." she said laughing. "Christain." I said flashing my million dollar smile.


8:42 AM

This dude Christain was pretty cute. I mean I'm into girls and all but damn he was pretty fine.

I continued to let the teacher talk till the period was over.


11:10 AM

I kept replaying all the moments with Y/n. We had been skipping. While we're skipping we made out. But I made the first move.

She made my heart skip a beat. Y/n is the first person to even treat me like this. To make me feel like I'm special.

I wanna be with Y/n but we would have to keep it a secret. Y/n doesn't seem like the type of person to keep a relationship between the two people in it.

I waited for the bell to ring so I could see Y/n again. I had the biggest crush on her and she just got here.

The bell rang and I got up collected my stuff and went to the bathroom. I had to fix myself. Y/n messed up my hair and shirt. It's not what you think. We were only fighting.

I fixed my natural straight hair and fixed my tight blue long sleeve shirt.

After I walked to my lunch period I saw Y/n sitting down with my best friend Christian. "Christian hey. Hey y/n." I said sitting next to Y/n. She put her arm around me. "Hey Talia." Y/n said smiling. I blushed and went to go get my lunch.


12:30 PM

"Just ask her out." I said to Y/n. I wanted her to stop playing with my bff heart. I genuinely love T and I don't want no sexy ass lesbian playing her with her feelings. Well damn brain you just go throw that out there.

"I just got here. Though I'm gay ion want nobody thinking I'm a thot." She said and she was right people would start saying that. But I know she got a crush on T and T got a crush on her so does it matter what other people think. "Well shit take her out on a date or something." I said. "Yea... I'mma think about that." Y/n started looking at Jass the other lesbian here.

"Who is this Christian?" Jass asked. "This is Y/n." I said. "Hey I'm Y/n." Y/n said giving Jass a small smile. "I'll just call you sexy." Jass smiling. "Well thank you," Y/n said blushing. "And I'm Talia. Bye Jass." Talia said sitting next to Y/n. Jass walked away.

"Thank god she's gone such a kill joy." Talia said eating her fries and continuing to laugh and talk with us.


1:00 PM

I was in 4th period which was gym balling with Jass. She wasn't as bad as Talia made her out to be. And to be honest she was pretty cool. And pretty damn sexy. I caught myself staring at her. Damn this girl is something serious.

"Yo Y/n is there something you looking at that you like." Jass said walking to me. My mind was saying "fuck yea you." but I said "Yea them walls over there covered with names. Why?" "Those are the name of people who graduated and became singers or dancers or models pretty much what they came here for." Jass said turning around and then back to me. "Interesting."

"Yea so um... why did you come here?" Jass asked. "Well my mom- You gotta promise me you won't tell anybody." "Ok?" Jass said confused. "My mom is the ballet teacher here and since I dance she thought this would be the place for me. She thinks I'll be like everybody else here and work hard to make it big here. But I see through a lot of people here they don't need this school. They already fucking who ever they need to get the hell out of here." Jass and I laughed as we went to the girls locker room to change.

"Y/n I must say you are sexy as hell." Jass said. "Thank you." I said puttin on my shoes and grabbing my adidas bag and getting out the good smelling perfume I had. I sprayed some on and put it back in my bag. "Whats that smell. It smells really good." I heard a couple girls say.

I chuckled to myself and walked out as the bell rang. I walked to my next class which was vocal music. It sounds weird but music in this school is instruments and I can't play no damn instrument.

Getting to my destination I saw talia. She seemed to be going to the sane place. I smirked to myself and walked into the room

"Y/n what are you doing here." "Signing up for the circus." I said sitting down in the back. "I doubt your going get in being so fucking sexy." Talia said smiling. I smiled back kicked back in my chair.

During class Talia was being hella clingy. Like B chill out. She wouldn't let me go and when I came back to class from the bathroom she would ask me who I was talking to in the hall way. I was gon ask her out on a date but she purpin hella hard.


2:15 PM

Yo the name is Yahmir. Not yahmar. Yahmir.

I was walking around the school cause I ain't feel like going to music. Shit I play the piano but I wanna be a dancer. I only skip that class.

So while I'm walkin around let me tell you about me. I'm 6''1 240 lbs nah but I'm hella tall ion know my weight. I'm single but me and Talia fool around. I seen her around with the new girl. They seem like they hella close.

But anything else y'all wanna know you gone have to wait.

I seen Christain in the hall talkin to Jass. "Yo stay away from Y/n." Chris said looking at Jass. "I think she cute is there a problem." "Yes T like her why would you do this to her." Chris said. "Talia is crazy clingy. Y/n don't like that. Plus I ain't doing shit to her." Jass said smirking.

At this moment I felt like a spy. Shit Talia is mine. I'm not letting no dyke take her from me.

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