Chapter 26

I stand there at the door trying to prepare myself for everything that’s going to happen once I walk in. Finally, after wiping the tears off my face, I open up the door and walk in. They’re sitting there on the couch waiting for me, just like when I snuck out to go on my first date with Ryan. If only I would’ve just not gone out with him again, or take him back after he cheated on me. Then none of this would be happening. But it is, and I need to accept that. And this whole thing is MY fault. If it weren’t for me Kyle would be alive, Harry’s life wouldn’t have been in danger, and my mom wouldn’t have left. I caused all this, and I need to accept that.

They all look up and I see confusion and anger in their eyes, except Harry who sits there lookins at his hands. I stand there fiddling with my fingers as none of us speak. But finally, Zayn breaks the silence. “So Megan, we saw the video, explain.”

“There’s nothing to explain, you saw it. You know what happened.” I say, not wanting to say much more in case I break out into tears.

“So that’s it? Even after everything we did for you, it still wasn’t enough. We took you on a world tour, helped you get over Kyle, and got you through everything else, and it still wasn’t enough! People would kill for an experience like you had and you still wanted even more attention! Well, I hope you enjoy everyone hating you.” Louis snaps, and everyone looks at him in shock, except for Harry still, but I understand. I’m that mad at myself.

“Louis isn’t that a little hars-“ Liam starts, but Harry cuts him off, looking up from his hands for the first time.

“No, its not! We have everything to Megan! We loved her and cared for her. When you told us about Ryan, we were worried, disgusted, angry, and we all felt for you. We felt bad for all you went for, but who knows what else you lied about? Maybe you were just an attention seeking whore. Is Kyle even real? I mean, we’ve never seen pictures. The only proof of him is that necklace, and who knows, maybe you just keep that on for attention. Maybe this whole time you were just using us for attention. It doesn’t matter that you came out and apologized for lying, because now everyone knows who you really are. A stupid attention seeking slag, so get out.” Harry exclaims and finally the tears break through and I start crying, well sobbing probably is a better word. But I understand his anger, I get it. The others might not, but I do. I walk up to my room quietly, leaving the boys who are just standing there look at Harry, shocked.

I walk up to my room and slam everything in my suitcases, so mad at everyone. My dad, for making me do this. My mom, for leaving my dad and making him so bitter. My sister, for being a hot mess and not caring about anyone but herself, for not being here for me, ever. Kyle, for leaving me, even though I know it’s my fault. Harry, for saying exactly what I know everyone was thinking, and for going out to the press with this whole story. The rest of the guys, for not standing up for me, even though I know I don’t deserve it. But mostly, Myself for being so stupid. I just make a mess of everything. To think I actually thought I might be able to get away from my old life before I net One Direction.

I sit on my bed and cry, my phone rings and I see it’s a text from my dad. It’s a simple message that reads ‘Good job’. I throw my phone at the wall not caring if it breaks or not. I finally finish packing up my bags, and packing what I have into boxes. I walk downstairs with two suitcases and a bag on my shoulder and my purse. I see them still sitting there on the couch, quiet.

“Thanks for the experience guys. Have a nice life. Oh and Harry, just to let you know, Kyle is very real. He did unfortunately die, but he was very real. And he loved me more than you will ever love anyone Harry. Because he understood something, when you love someone you stick by them through everything, or at least give them time to tell you their side of the story, or at least understand there might be a reason why they did something, a reason that they can’t tell you. So Harry take a little time to learn that lesson, and it will do you some good.” I say and turn around and walk out the door, leaving them behind.

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