The Truth

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And so, hitching Donner to a small sleigh, Mrs. C and I set out for Mother Nature. I'm not sure how long the trip was, all I could think about was why Snowy left and what I could've done differently, but before I knew it we had landed in a beautiful garden and walked up to a sweet little house. My thoughts were interrupted when the door flew open and an all too familiar little boy came running out calling my name.

"Noah!" I shouted dropping to my knees for him to run into my grasp. The hug lasted for less than a minute before I switched into worried sister mode. "Are you okay? Are you hurt? Did you cause any trouble?" I asked, holding his face in both hands and tilting it every which way.

"Oh you needn't worry my dear," said a woman with curly sandy brown hair as she came out, "he was an absolute angel. Nothing I couldn't handle, being a mother myself." "Yeah Heidi, nothing she couldn't have handled." Said Noah, I don't think I had ever been more grateful to hear him being a pain.

"So you're Heidi Crane," she said, "you really are beautiful, I can see why my boys are so fascinated by you." My eyes shot wide open. "Say what?" "Oh yes, you don't know, though I must say this isn't the way I wanted to tell you. Sit down, I'll make some tea and we can talk about it."      


After brewing up a sweet-smelling batch of tea and everyone had a few sips, she spoke.

"First and foremost, you should know that my sons have been observing you for quite some time now." I choked on my tea. "Please let me explain." I paused before nodding.

"It all began several years ago when I was monitoring the coming of spring..."

- - -

In a different time, Mother Nature was hovering over a crystal ball, carefully controlling the springtime breezes on Easter morning while enjoying the sight of the happy children running through the fields looking for Easter eggs. She had just sat back in her chair when the door burst open and Heat Miser came running in.

"Mother! Snow Miser froze my lake over to practice ice skating after he promised he wouldn't! Tell him to unfreeze it this instant!!" Mother Nature rolled her eyes with an annoyed sigh. "Must you boys cause trouble? It's such a calm day and there are so many other things to do." She gestured to the globe. "Take these children for instance; all Easter is to them is hunting down eggs and eating chocolate bunnies, but they're so happy to do so." Heat Miser rolled his eyes before barely glancing at the globe. Only to do a double-take and run right up to it.

"Wait! Rewind!" She jumped and did so. The scene played out; three children, two boys, and a girl, jogging and laughing through the greenery, the girl was a small sweet thing wearing a pink dress with her flaming red hair and green eyes that sparkled happily.

"Who. Is. That?" He practically demanded. "The girl? She lives in Flordia, the two boys are her friends Fred and David, her name is Heidi." "Heidi..." He whispered, running his palm over the glass. "What a beautiful name."

- - -       

"From that day forward, he was absolutely smitten with you. More than half of his time was spent watching you have fun throughout most of your childhood years. He was fond of pointing out how your hair was like fire, and your eyes like the rich green grass in the summertime, and how by living in Florida you had a resistance to heat. He was thoroughly convinced you were the queen he had always wanted." She paused to laugh in a light, almost sad way.

"But as boys tend to be, he said nothing to his brother, afraid he would steal you away from him and make you think snow was better than heat. Snow Miser grew up not knowing a thing, until one faithful night..."

- - -

"Mother, I have the distinct feeling someone wants a white Christmas." She looked to her winter son with a playful smile. "But Snow Miser, it's not Christmas." "Nevertheless, someone wants snow, and I'm going to find out who." Before he flew out the door. As soon as he left, she turned on her crystal ball and watched all that happened:

For his hideout in the white clouds that blanketed the sky, Snow Miser floated over Florida and carefully followed the cry of help. Finally, he stopped above a house where he saw a young girl with flaming red hair and green eyes staring mournfully up at the sky, her iPad playing White Christmas by Bing Crosby. She didn't have to say she wanted snow, it was plain as the nose on her face. Quietly, Snow Miser waited until she nodded off before working his magic.

A short while later, the girl awoke to snow covering her backyard, Snow smiled at her happy squeal before dropping to the ground, invisible to her eye, as she ran out and began to play. Barely a while passed before she began to dance, swaying and sighing with such happiness he felt his cold heart start to hammer. As she danced, something flew out of her hand and landed at his feet in the shadows of a large bush. He reached down and picked up a light green bunny with floppy ears and two shiny black eyes.

"Mommy, I lost Avery." "You can look for her in the morning, now please come inside." The little girl sniffled before going back into the house. Snow Miser waited for a little while before becoming a winter wind and blowing inside, rematerializing beside her bed. She was asleep, fresh tear-stains on her cheeks. He smiled gently before slipping the bunny into her grasp. Upon hearing her stir, he jumped and looked back, only to shag with relief when he saw her eyes were open only a slit, half awake.

"Thank you." She whispered, he froze then hesitated before whispering; "You're welcome." As she slipped back off to sleep. He raised a hand, as if to stroke her brow, but thought better of it and blew out the window.

- - -

Everyone was looking at me, and why not, I must've looked a sight; my jaw had dropped and I could feel my eyes widen up to the point where I was pretty sure you could see the whites all the way around. My throat as dry as a whistle, it took me forever to speak.

"I remember that night; the one time I saw snow in Florida...when someone found Avery for me..." I looked at MN. "That was him?" She nodded slowly. "Indeed, he was just as fond of you as his brother. They used to argue about you when you were in your middle school years but stopped somewhere along the line when Heat Miser said you were more used to warmer climates." I wanted to object but she was right.

Just then, a flash of lightning hit the ground and a man appeared; he was stoat with a bit of a belly and dressed in red and golden, his face was round as the sun and his hair was flames flickering atop his head. Exhausted, he put a hand on his stomach and took a few breaths.

"Mother, I came as soon as I..." He trailed off upon noticing me. All too quickly I stood and faced him, smiling nervously before bowing slightly. "Hello." When I met his gaze again, I was kinda frightened by how happy he looked. He rushed forward and took my hand in both of his.

"It's an honor and a privilege to finally meet you my darling, a real treat." "Ouch!" I exclaimed, yanking my hand from his grasp; his skin was hot as the hood of a car in the summertime. "Oh, sorry." But something told me he wasn't, not really.

"I can't tell you how long I've wanted to meet you; ever since Easter the year you were six I've been dreaming about what it'd be like to talk to you about the joys of summertime and all the exciting things to do in the Florida heat. Ah, Florida, there's no place like it, wouldn't you agree?"

I felt bad for the guy; here I was the girl he had wanted for so long, the one he dreamed a whole future on, and I couldn't fulfill that dream because...

Because I didn't love him.

"Looks like the cat's out of the bag." Everyone looked up to see Snow Miser leaning against a tree. He smiled and cast me a playful wink, I felt myself blush before nodding in return.

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