New York Cinderella 2: NY Royalty {Book 2}

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Here's a the sequel to New York Cinderella! I never thought about making a second but a very passionate fan purplesniffles23 was very excited by the first and requested a second. So here it is!!!

Once upon a time, in a penthouse plaza there lived a girl bound to the slavery of her aunts house, restricted from the joys of life. Until one day she bumped in to the most popular boy in school, a boy considered royalty. Now the shackles of slavery to her aunt are slowly breaking loose and her freedom is coming closer in to view. Hand in hand with her Prince she'll find where the light of her freedom begins, that's if her aunt has nothing to lose from it....

Again, I found myself sitting in my room watching out the window. Luckily Carol and the two bimbos were out shopping today. I had the whole place to myself, which was nice because it allowed me to freely talk with my 'boyfriend', the schools most popular guy, Prince. If those three were here they would be constantly be on my case about going out with him. 

When Carol found out that we started dating from the two nitwits that were my cousins, she nearly had a heart attack. She turned pale white didn't say a thing and past out on the floor. I can only  imagine that the shock of her no grateful niece was stealing her daughters chance at a fortune larger than her own, was too much for her. Her doctors suggested she take on therapy and she's been going three times a week to see a shrink. And I think it's doing wonders for her, every time she has a negative thought she's supposed to do these weird breathing exercises and they sound so hilarious. It's one of the highlights of my week. 

Though it's been three months since we started dating it still feel like a dream for me. I didn't think I would ever met a guy like him. Honestly, I think he's kind of wasted on me. I'm not sure what he really sees in me. I mean I'm practically, as much as I hate to say it, still working as a maid in this place. And since Carol found out I was dating Prince her demands have become strange at times.

Prince: what r u doing right now?

Prince sent me a text almost every day wondering; what I was doing, what was I thinking about. Every morning he texts me usually saying; good morning beautiful, It was really sweet.

Me: sitting by the window looking at the sky. What r u doing?

Prince: thinking about u. :)

Me: aww~  u r 2 sweet. -///-

Prince: lol guys love 2 spoil their girlfriends. Speaking of spoiling girlfriends, what r u doing next this weekend?"

Me: Nothing, y?

Prince: my father is putting on a party on saturday at the Carlson and I want u 2 b my date. Then I can finally introduce u to my parents. 

He wants to introduce me to his parents? What do I say to that? Should I go? I mean we've been dating for three months I guess would only be natural to meet his parents? But they're like super rich, they probably wouldn't even like me.

Prince: Amy??

Me: sure ok

It took everything to send that okay, not really sure what I had just gotten myself into. 

Prince: gr8 I'll c u then. got 2 go ttyl

Me: later

I need to talk to Angie.

The next day at school I decided I need to talk to both Prince and Angie. Preferable Angei before Prince. Angie and I would usually meet in the lunch room before classes actually started but I sent her and urgent text this morning needing to talk. And as for Prince I wouldn't see him much during school he was a senior and I was a junior we didn't have any classes together.

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