Christmas Bonus

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Welcome to the Queen Material Q & A!

Marcy: Welcome everyone!

Audience: *cheers* *applause*

On stage are Rye, Xavier, Basil, Rose, India, Chyna, Ellanore, Adel, Mardick, and Toby

Marcy: Okay let's get started right away, It's Christmas and we all want to go home.

Xavier: *whispers to Rye* Why are we here?

Rye: Shhhhhhh, we're gonna be on T.V!

Marcy: The first question is for Basil.

Basil: *Excited* Damn right it is!

Marcy: Are you 200 years old?

Basil: Well...ladies...I'm like fine wine. You need to let a bottle of wine rest and age for it to be exquisite. You can't not rush per-

Rose: *Bored* He's 117. Next.

Marcy: Xavier, where do you want to take Rye on your honeymoon?

Rye: *Turns to Xavier with a smirk* Greece! Thailand!

Xavier: Is your name Xavier?

Rye: *pouts*

Xavier: I'll take her to a refugee camp.

Rye: What?

Xavier: Refugee camps have shortage of doctors. May children suffer because of lack of treatment. With Rye there, she'll be able to help those children. And of course the palace will provide her with all the aid she needs.

Rye: Aww baby. I love you.

Xavier: *Smiles brightly at his girl*

Ellanore: *Rolling her eyes*

Marcy: India and Chyna, who's older? And by how many minutes?

Chyna: I'm older, by seven minutes.

Marcy:Xavier, do you like sushi?

Xavier: Only if it's fresh.

Marcy: Have you ever been to Pakistan?

Xavier: I was in Pakistan in 1992 when Pakistan won the Cricket World cup. I am fluent in Urdu. I think it's one of the most romantic languages out there.

Marcy: Rye, how tall are you?

Rye: Finally! I am the main attraction here....*Sits up straight* Well, I am 5 feet and 9 inches.

Ellanore: A giraffe of a queen.

Rye: Say something you evil dwarf?

Ellanore: *offended*

Xavier: *gently* Rye.

Rye: Tell here!

Toby: Is there popcorn?

Marcy: Let's move on! Xavier what is your middle name?

Xavier: I don't have one.

Ellanore: It's Benjamin!

Xavier: What? Really?

Ellanore: Yes! My goodness.

Xavier: *Shrugs* I must have forgotten.

Rye: *Tapping her chin* Ah Alzheimer's. 

Xavier: *Rolls his eyes*

Marcy: Xavier and Rye, what would you name your first born?

Xavier and Rye: *Looks at each other*

Xavier: We haven't decided yet.

Marcy: What do you want for Christmas, Xavier?

Xavier: To go home.

Marcy: You're no fun!

Ellanore: I want to go home too.

Rose: Let's all calm down. We have an audience.

Basil: I only get one question?

Toby: At least you got one. I didn't get any.

Marcy: Shut up! Everyone! Or I'll kill off all of you!

Rye: You wouldn't dare...

Marcy: Try me.

Rye: Fight me.

Xavier: You can't fight everyone, Rye!

Toby: You don't even know how to fight.

Rye: I killed a witch.

Toby: While screaming like a banshee.

Rye: That was my war cry.

Marcy: Toby! Next question is for you. How would you describe Xavier as a godfather.

Toby: He was a good role model, I did and still do look up to him. But at times he can be a little stuck in his old ways.

Rye: He's changing!

Marcy: Ellanore, what do you like about Rye?

Rye: *chokes on her coffee*

Ellanore: *Deep sigh* I like...I like her grit.

Rye: My grit?

Marcy: Rye, what do you like about Ellanore?

Rye: I'm sorry, is this a family therapy session?

Marcy: Just answer the question.

Rye: Fine. I like...I like that she has raised such an amazing man for me. So, sincerely, I want to thank her from the bottom of my heart.

Ellanore: *Slightly surprised* You're welcome.

Rye: But like way, way way down. Like the rock bottom of my heart.

Marcy: Mardick, what would you want for Christmas?

Mardick: Some peach and quiet.

Marcy: Adel? What about you?

Adel: *blushing* A mate.

Rye: Cilantro! That's your cue.

Xavier: Can we please go home?

Marcy: Fine! Go home! This is why we can't have nice things!  

Happy Holidays! Today is Christmas in New York so I apologize if Christmas has already passed in your great nations. 

Have a safe time and enjoy with your friends and family. 

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