the one with a christmas special

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Christmas Eve

Felix giggled as Changbin stuck a bow to his forehead. "Focus on wrapping gifts, Binnie."

"You're my gift," Changbin chuckled. "Do I have to wait to unwrap my Christmas present?"

Felix picked up a roll of wrapping paper from behind him and hit his husband in the arm. "Now is not the time to be flirting; we have to get this all wrapped up before the kids get home." They had sent their son and daughter to see Granny Diane to make Christmas cookies together. In reality, none of them cared about the cookies, this was just to buy some time for Changbin and Felix to wrap presents.

"We only have a few things left to wrap. Where did you put Jinseok's books?"

Felix looked around. "I think I left them upstairs with Somin's skateboard. Let me go check." He stood up and brushed nonexistent dust from his pants before raising his arms above his head. "I've been hunched over these gifts for hours, and I think my spine is starting to fuse together." Changbin laughed as he, too, stood up.

He smiled and extended a hand toward his husband. "Let's take a break, then," he suggested, "We can go for a quick walk around the block and then come back to this. We've got time." Felix took the older boy's hand and nodded, smiling slightly.

They took a few steps but stopped when Changbin firmly planted his feet as soon as they reached the doorway. "Everything okay?" Felix asked.

Changbin looked up and smirked. Just above their heads was mistletoe taped to the top of the doorframe. The younger rolled his eyes and smiled as he quickly kissed his husband before dragging him outside to go for a walk.

Christmas morning

Both parents awoke to their children jumping on them. "Daddy! Papa!" Jinseok's shrill voice pierced the air. "It's Christmas, you gotta wake up!" He stood on Changbin's chest and stared down at him. Meanwhile, his sister sat next to Felix's head, poking his face and bothering him incessantly.

She poked his nose, lifted his eyelids, and pulled on his ears. "Papa," she whined, "Get up... it's Christmas and we wanna open presents. If you don't get up I'll go play in the kitchen."

"She's gonna burn the house down," Jinseok clarified. Immediately Felix was up.

"Easy, my little arsonist," he said, "I'll make us all breakfast, but we can't open gifts until Daddy wakes up. He wants to see what Santa got you both." He and both of his kids made their way downstairs to the kitchen. On their way, they passed the Christmas tree and Felix picked them both up to avoid giving them an opportunity to act on impulse.

Somin and Jinseok sat patiently at the table as Felix prepared breakfast, chattering excitedly amongst themselves. Felix stood next to the stove, whisking eggs, milk, and cinnamon together in a bowl before dipping bread in the mixture. The children fell silent as they heard the french toast sizzling in the pan. Felix stood at the stove, humming 'Merry & Happy' by Twice as he flipped the toast in the skillet.

Suddenly, a pair of arms snaked around his waist. He giggled as Changbin rested his chin on his shoulder and swayed back and forth to the tune of Felix's song. Their peaceful moment was, of course, interrupted by their kids.

"Daddy's up! Time for presents!"

"No!" Felix shouted, "Food first!" He smiled softly despite his children ignoring him and leaned into Changbin's touch, continuing to sway back and forth as they enjoyed their Christmas morning.

a/n: hi it's 4am and
it's christmas
and i'm crying over
my own changlix fluff
i need to take a nap
wow i'm so tired
thank you for reading~

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