chapter 4

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Jared was already in front of me when they sprung. They started fighting and I saw the dark brown wolf lunge at Jared's back so I bit him and pushed him out of the way, he fell of the cliff I never knew was there. Haha. Ok back on task, three of the wolves were gone when I looked back, and the last one, the leader I guess, was winning the fight. Jared was trying to claw him but he had Jared pinned to the ground. I ran at the wolf, and he didn’t see me coming, so when I attacked him he was very surprised. I clawed his arm and he whimpered in pain, then I bit his leg, and again he whimpered. He broke free and clawed me in the leg, making me whimper. Jared chose that time to help me, of course, and he finished him.

I was sitting up howling when Jared came over to me. ‘I need to fix that’ he said, touching it. I howled when he touched it, shit it hurt like hell. ‘don't touch it, it hurts’ I whimpered. ‘I have to cover it, come with me, I have a cabin a little way in the forest’. I shifted back, and luckily we are the wolves that keep our clothes on when we shift, and so did Jared, then he carried me to his cabin.

When I woke up I was in an unfamiliar bed. The room was painted black and green and the bed had a black doona with green pillows. Wow, someone likes black and green. Ha. I looked under the blanket and saw that I was wearing a guys shirt. Weird. Where the hell am I? I got up and saw some clothes my size on the dresser. I saw three doors, and decided to open the closest one. It was a cupboard with guys shirts hanging up and converse on the floor. Sweeeet, I love converse. The second door was a linen cupboard( cupboard with towels and sheets) and the last door was a bathroom.

In the bathroom there was a shower, toilet, sink and a Jacuzzi. I can’t believe someone lives here. Just then the door handle turned and in walked Jared. He looked at the bed and looked surprised then looked towards the bathroom.

“oh, your awake, awesome just wondering if you want something to eat?” he asked.

“uummmm, I guess what are we having?”

“bacon, eggs, that sort of thing” hhhmmmmm sounds yummy, why not?

“sure, I’ll have some, thanks, I just wanna have a shower first then I’ll be down” I replied.

“okay, there are clothes on the dresser and fresh towels in the cupboard. There's also shampoo and soap in the shower” he said then left. Okay then, shower time. I got out a black towel(what's new?) and stepped into the bathroom. I shut and locked the door for good measure. After I undressed I hopped into the running shower. I saw coconut shampoo and conditioner and vanilla soap. Huh, my favourite. After I washed myself and washed my hair I turned the shower off and rinsed my hair out. I rapped the towel around myself and stepped out of the bathroom.

After I was dressed (I found some undergarments with the clothes) I wrapped a towel around my hair and put my glasses on, then walked downstairs. I thought Jared said he had a cabin, not a mansion. It was massive! I followed the smell of food into the kitchen/dining room. On the table was food enough to feed a protest(haha). I saw Jared hanging an apron on a hook and ran up to him and gave him a kiss on the cheek, I saw him blush then I laughed.

“did you cook enough food?” I asked sitting down.

“plenty,” he laughed.

“did you cook all of this?”

“yes” he looked embarrassed.

“you must be a good cook” I said then grabbed a plate.

“I didn’t know what you wanted so I cooked a lot”

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