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The club was packed. Sweaty bodies kept brushing against each other, but your girlfriend sat at the bar with a drink in her hand as she kept a close eye on you.

Her dominant side is out. She's confident, not taking any shit from anyone, but she's also feeling a little protective and possessive. Not a kind of possessive that you fear, but the kind that isn't afraid of showing anyone who comes within 50 feet of you that you're already taken.

She clenched her jaw when she saw the man walking towards you from the opposite end of the club. She rolled her eyes. She doesn't know the guy but she's already annoyed by him.

She put her drink down and strode to you. The guy awkwardly backed away from you when her arms wrapped around you. She made eye contact with him and smirked as she watched him leave.

"Ash?" You tried to wrap your arms around her neck but she pushed them. "There was a guy checking you out. Practically drooling over you."

You chuckled and playfull rolled your eyes, just thinking she was jealous. "I didn't even notice him. Come on, don't be jealous." Ashley scoffed at you. "Why would I be jealous? You're already mine," she said before grabbing your chin in her palm.

"Kiss me" you were speechless, every word that was previously on the tip of your tongue vanishing. "I'm not repeating myself," she said, much more assertively, and you didn't hesitate to kiss her.

She kissed you with confidence. A fiery passion. She's making it very clear that you're her girl for anyone that hoped or thought differently. Her hands moved to your hips, her fingers drawing shapes into your smooth skin.

She pulled away with a smirk. You could feel eyes on you but you really didn't care. Ashley grabbed your hand and led you over to the bar to grab your things before she dragged you outside. "Where are we going?" Ashley wrapped her arms around you and began to walk you home. "Home. We've got better things to do than this."

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