you guys knew this was coming

and this is where I lose all my friends.

guys. greg isn't my boyfriend.

i know. here comes the hate.

im sorry.

i just really like him

a lot

and im crying myself to sleep tonight

idk how I could lie but

he would never like someone like me

and would never text me

i just wanted him to love me

and i miss him so much

I don't think he even cares about me

like im a year younger



idk im ugly and

i lie too much

so many people hate me because of it

so bye, all my friends

this is where you all leave

I've lied to much

and i don't deserve to be able to lie anymore

life has screwed me over too many times

and I just want it to be over

so that never happened

and im a lying ass bitch face that should die

so goodbye

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