Chapter 2 GOODBYE

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"Eomma, I'm ready to say goodbye." I said

"Ok, let's go." she said.
"HWA! MIK!" I yelled and ran up to them and hugged them really tight. even thought I met them yesterday, they are still going to be my friends.

"Woah! What's wrong?!" Mik said.

"I just want you guys to know that even though u met you guys yesterday, I will always remember you guys." I said

"Umm.. what do you mean chingu? Of course you'll remember us.... we come to school with each other everyday. speaking of school, why don't you have on your uniform? You can get in trouble." Hwa said.

"No, that's no what I meant, I'm leaving." I said quietly.

"Leaving as in....." Mik said.

"Leaving as in moving. I'm moving to Seoul with my aunt." I said

"Your coming back...right?" Hwa said.

"I don't know" I said.

"Oh no Jayu, that's bad news. we will miss you so much." They said as they hugged me.

"I will miss u guys more." I said.

"Let's exchange numbers so I can call you guys." I said

"Great idea". they said and we exchange numbers.
******LAST GOODBYE*****
"MINSYUK!" I yelled and ran up to him and hugged him sooooo tight.

"Jayu, what's up!" He said.

"I'm leaving. I'm moving to Seoul with my aunt for a couple of months and I don't know when I'll be back and I-". I was cut off when suddenly I felt his soft lips pressed on mine softly and passionately.

"Jayu, I know that you're leaving and I'll miss you too. even though I met you yesterday, I still like you." he said

"Minsyuk..... Why did you? I said. I couldn't believe he kissed me.

"It was a goodbye kiss. goodbye Jayu. Your mom is waiting." He whispered.

"Goodbye minsyuk.... Saranghae💕" I said and I left.

Sorry for the short chapter.... get ready for chapter 3!!

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