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Dahyun was shaking while driving, she doesn't know what to do. She keeps on beeping whenever there's a car in front of her. She heard police sirens, she looked at the motorcyle of the police. Dahyun opened the window.

"Miss Kim Dahyun! We're here to help you." The motorcyle moved in front of her to give her way.

"Police are there?"

"Yes, oppa." She sniffed.

"We're seeing you already! Jungkook, faster."

Dahyun looked around. A police car is behind her.

"What do I do??? Why is this happening to me?"

"Dahyun!" She looked on her left, she saw Jin. Jungkook is the one driving.


"Jin hyung, hold the wheel!" Jungkook shouted.

"What??? Let the police to do it." Jin said. He opened the door.

"Can you reach the door??? Open it." Jungkook told Dahyun. She moved close to Dahyun's car, she opened the door.

"Mr. Jeon that's dangerous. Just stay in your car!" The police behind, said. He didn't listen and jumped to Dahyun's car, he closed the door.

"I'll drive." He said, breathing heavily.


"Get on my lap, I'll take the steering wheel. Trust me." Dahyun did as he said, they finally changed places. "You're going to be fine." He said.

"How are you going to get off driving?" Dahyun asked, her tears are falling.

"It's okay, Dahyun. Open the door, Jin hyung's going to catch you."


"You're running out of gas, you have to go." Dahyun opened the door. The police helped Jin to take Dahyun from her car. Jungkook speed up.

"Jungkook!" Dahyun shouted.

"Move away!" He beeped at the police motorcyle in front and it moved on the side, he peeked behind looking if there are cars before he opened the door and jumped.

Jungkook rolled and felt so much pain when he jumped out of the car, the cars following the Dahyun's car stopped including Jin's and they saw the it exploded.

"Jungkook!" Jin got off his car to check Jungkook. Dahyun got off covering her lips, and approached them.


"I-I'm okay." He said and sat up.

"Let's go to the hospital, to get you checked." Jin helped him up.

"We're going to take care of this, sir." The officer said.

They get inside Jin's car and went to the hospital, Jungkook got admitted. His mom and brother came.

"What happened???" Mrs. Jeon asked.

"I'm sorry, Mrs. Jeon." Dahyun apologized.

"What? Why?" Jungkook has a bandage on his left arm.

"No, I'm okay." Jungkook said.

"Jungkook saved my sister, ma'am." Jin said.

"I just did what I have to, she will never get to this point if it wasn't because of me."

"Both of your are through, but still. Thank you for saving her." Jin thanked. The BTS manager rushed to Busan to check on them.

"I'll take care of the news, they're too much already." The manager said. "How are you feeling?" He asked.

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