The Path Towards Destruction

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"Arslan..." Y/N mumbled as he gripped Neo's hand for comfort. The small girl scooted closer to him as she leaned her head on his shoulder with a worried look. "Was it...him?"

"Affirmative." Arslan nodded. "Our tribe constantly moves throughout the desert in order to maintain our secrecy and anonymity in case of an emergency or any interference be it Grimm or mankind. However, someone tipped off Adam Taurus. He had the tribe surrounded before anyone could do anything and he had them gunned down."

"T-That's not possible..." Weiss muttered shocked. "All those innocent people...all that knowledge..."

"I had been wandering the desert for my objective and when I had returned, Grimm were feasting on the blood red sand. Because of my own weakness I failed to protect my clan. I will strive to become become better." Arslan nodded with resolve as Kali and Velvet were openly weeping into their significant others arms. Weiss and Neo looked incredibly angry while Summer looked saddened, but respectful. Y/N just held Velvet as Arslan spoke again.

"My last orders were simple. Find the heir to the throne and observe him. Figure out if he is worthy of my servitude and if so, my orders were to serve him no matter the command. This marriage isn't just political. It's the only way to save my tribe. To save my species. While Black Cats must be purebred to create another, Golden Lions hold the dominant gene in procreation no matter who they decide to copulate with. Yet I will stand steadfast with my vows to my tribe." Arslan said determined. "Their deaths will not go in vain."

"But how were they all wiped out?" Summer asked sadly. "Surely they could have put up a fight at the very least?"

"Their tribe was centuries old and knowledge was only passed down once you reached a certain age. I'd guess that nearly all of the members were old, with Arslan as the youngest." Y/N spoke with a hand on his chin. He turned to Arslan as she nodded. "Besides, like Arslan said, none of them were attuned to any sort of fighting and even if they were, the weapons they'd have access to would've been too primitive. Adam has countless shipments of weapons from contacts in the kingdoms, so even if they had swords at the least, the White Fangs bullets would've ripped them apart in seconds."

"As expected of my master." Arslan said with a small smile. "But yes, I am 19 years of age and the youngest in my tribe. The next youngest would've been around 40 years of age. Our group was never known to be very fertile...children were only born on occasion."

"Only 19 and to have all of this thrusted upon you..." Summer said sadly. "You poor angel..."

A uncomfortable silence settled among the group as the sun began to set outside. Y/N looked at the clock before turning to Arslan as she sipped her tea.

"Hey wanna step outside for a bit?" Y/N said with a smile as the girl looked surprised before nodding.

"Of course sir."


Y/N and Arslan sat on the balcony of the Belladonna household. The sun was setting as Y/N leaned back on the comfy cushioned bench with Arslan still sitting straight as a board. The sky was a beautiful pinkish orange color that washed over the clear blue ocean and luscious greenery. The city was beginning to light up with lanterns and torches as everyone began to settle in for the night or got ready to hit the town.

"If I may speak my thoughts master..." Arslan began before Y/N nodded. "You seem to be...sparking. Is this something we should be worried about?"

"Huh?" Y/N looked down to see himself sparking again. He sighed as he hadn't sparked in a while, but being back home and hearing all of this had stressed him out more than he had thought. "Oh, yeah it's nothing to worry about..."

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