Meeting Nat

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Hi I'm back!! Recap: Before long, there was another knock on the door.

"I'll get it!" Called Sally. As she opened the door, she identified the bright red hair that she saw a week ago. "Oh, Natasha! How nice of you to join us! Come in." Going inside, she met the confused faces of two teenagers matching her own. "This is Percy and Annabeth, and this is your long lost cousin Natasha, Percy."

Instead of looking excited, happy or welcoming like most people do when they find out about a new family member, Percy almost looked weary and annoyed.

"Um, hi." Said Natasha feeling uncomfortable, although she put on her mask like she always does.

"Excuse me, but you look familiar. Are you famous or something?" Interrupted Annabeth as she analyses her.

"No." Lied Natasha easily, she didn't want to scare them away, although the question caught her by surprise. Annabeth shrunk back into Percy's arms keeping eye contact continuing their silent conversation.

"How come I've never known about you?" Asked Percy. He has a lot of annoying relatives and he doesn't need another.

"I guess my mum never got the chance to tell Sally I existed before she died. I think she tried to keep contact to a minimal for my safety." Said Natasha opening up a little. Her mind had wondered back to those days and tried to grasp at some memories, but many has been lost from the brainwashing.

"Yea, a few years after I moved to New York, she wouldn't call me anymore, even if I try calling her she wouldn't pick up. So, I started writing to her, but things started getting busy here, so I never had time to tell you Percy." Said Sally giving her son a pointed look.

"Percy, I'm going out to do some shopping. I trust you will make your cousin feel at home." Called Sally as she grabbed a few things she'll need and headed out.

"Yea. Bye mum." Percy shouted back, hearing the closing of the door behind him.

Suddenly the thought Annabeth has been looking for finally occurred to her. "Your part of the government agency SHIELD right? I looked through your file when Leo hacked into the... um nothing." Covering her mistake, Annabeth knew it would cost her if she was right. Leo had hacked into their system before to make sure they wouldn't be suspected for all the 'damage' they *haven't* caused. Apparently, her Seaweed Brain caught on because his hand inched towards his pocket.

Natasha new she had to tell the truth. She can't lose the tiny bit of family (by blood of course) that she had left. "Actually, I do work for the government." Replied Nat uneasily. "But why did this Leo hack into SHIELD's database?"

Both Percy and Annabeth tensed. If she worked for the government according to Annabeth a spy, this wouldn't turn out well, even if she was Percy's cousin. Natasha didn't know about their crazy lives. "Well I'm not sure, for fun?" Annabeth came up, although it wasn't a good lie, it could be true. Leo was always playing around with his hacking skills so.

Natasha looked skeptical. As a master spy she saw through the lie, but she didn't push them further.

"Why don't we come visit you sometime?" Asked Percy changing the subject.

"Yea ok, I'll send you the address later" Thinking of her safe house.

"We were actually about to go to the park, care to join us?" Asked Percy.

Natasha actually had some paperwork to do so she politely turned down the idea, even if she'd love to find out more on what they're hiding.

"Ok, um we'll see you soon?" Said Percy.

"Yea... bye" Said Natasha before the door closed.

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