Broken Angel

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Me, sweet?

Screw it.

I'm not that fvcking weak girl anymore.

And Sasuke?

Well, as far as I'm concerned that blonde could even skin him alive..

He wasn't worth it.

He damn as hell wasn't even worth lifting a finger for.

He can do whatever he wants now.

That piece of crap almost got me killed.

If he freakin' wants to get out of my life so much,

Then I'll even hold the fvcking door open for him.

In addition, I'll even shove his ass out.

And for that pig?

Pray to kami that I won't turn her to ham..

She's as slutty as that redhead.

And fvck, they're both hopelessly ugly.


What a shame.

And you guys call me a useless ugly bitch.

He cheated on me.

It was a lie.

Everything was.

And now that I woke up to reality,

I might as well leave this dump yard.

They don't need me after all.

Those shitheads are as basic as ABC.

...And I bet you're wondering what made me change my character huh?

No, not even Kishimoto is prepared for this turn of events.

The producers can even hire me a fvcking replacement for their next Naruto movie.

'Coz I'm riding solo.

Because I was once an angel.

..But they broke me.


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